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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

List of Pubs Featured in the Seven Part Toronto Pub Crawl Series

Ok, I had some fun with the seven day Toronto Pub Crawl series I put together, and I look forward to hitting the streets and recreating them in the near future (when the patio weather arrives again). 

I received a good amount of emails from readers stating everything from their agreeiance with the lists to those that disagree with some of the places mentioned.  It has be nice to hear from so many people.  But one thing I didn't receive over the last seven days was a list of crawls that other people have put together.  If there are more out there, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email with your recommendations.  Spreading the good word about quality pubs benefits everyone.

One thing I was asked for was to post a full list of pubs mentioned along with their links.  Ask and you shall receive.  *Note, some places don't have their own website and the pubs are listed in no particular order.

Cam's Place - 2655 Yonge St
Twisted Kilt - 1954 Yonge St
The Longest Yard - 535 Mount Pleasant Road
Granite Brewery - 245 Eglinton Avenue E
Highway 61 - 1620 Bayview Avenue
C'est What - 67 Front St. E
beerbistro - 18 King St. E
more after the jump....

Duggan's Brewery - 75 Victoria St
McVeigh's New Windsor Tavern - 124 Church Street
3 Brewers - 275 Yonge St
Cloak & Dagger - 394 College St
Feather's Pub - 962 Kingston Road Toronto
Murphy's Law - 1702 Queen St. E
Ceili Cottage - 1301 Queen St. E
Dominion on Queen - 500 Queen St. E
Mill Street Brewpub - 55 Mill Street
Magpie - 831 Dundas St. W
Queen & Beaver - 35 Elm St
barVolo - 587 Dundonald Street
The Pilot Tavern - 22 Cumberland St
Rebel House - 1068 Yonge St
The Monk's Table - 1276 Yonge St
Ronnie's Local 069 - 69 Nassau St
Sin & Redemption - 136 McCaul St
Taps & Tales - 1282 Danforth Avenue
The Embassy Bar - 223 Augusta Avenue
The Madison House - 14 Madison Avenue
Kilgours Bar Meets Grill - 509 Bloor Street West
Victory Cafe - 581 Markham Avenue
Whelan's Gate - 1663 Bloor Street West
Bryden's - 2455 Bloor Street West
The Only Cafe - 972 Danforth Avenue
Eton House - 710 Danforth Avenue
Auld Spot - 347 Danforth Avenue
Allen's - 143 Danforth Avenue
Dora Keogh's - 141 Danforth Avenue

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