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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Muskoka Cottage Brewery Introduces New Mixer Five Pack

Bracebridge's Muskoka Cottage Brewery is set to launch another new packaging concept to the Ontario market as they're getting ready to roll out a new Mixer 5 Pack, which will feature their four core brands plus their newest creation - Light Pilsner.

The new Mixer 5 Pack will be heading to LCBO stores in the next few weeks and will retail for $12.45.  As you can see, the attractive pack includes Muskoka's Premium Lager, Hefe-Weissbier, Cream Ale, Dark Ale, and as I mentioned, the new Light Pilsner, all 473ml.

Mike Laba, Muskoka's Marketing Manager, states that he's pretty stoked about the new pack and thinks they'll be popular with people looking to experience the Muskoka brand; and try the new Light Pilsner for the first time, which is described as clean, refreshing, and flavourful for a lower alcohol (4%) pilsner.  It would also be a good item to bring along to a beer tasting as it includes a variety of different beer styles and flavours.

Muskoka also wants people to know that their Light Pilsner is brewed to original gravity, meaning it hasn't been watered down or diluted to achieve its lower alcohol content.

This new mixer will be great for the cottage this spring.  Look for it in stores soon.

*Also, stay tuned for more news about things taking shape at Muskoka in the near future.*


Anonymous said...

Looks sweet! Are they 355ml or 473ml?

Troy Burtch said...

All 473ml

Mike Laba said...

Thanks for the feature! We're pretty excited the launch this pack and our Muskoka Pilsner.

Now all we need is a sunny summer.

vistaway said...

Great packaging! Very eye-catching.

Troy Burtch said...

Mike - no problem. Anytime. Looking forward to having some on the dock.

Vistaway - it is eye-catching eh! It will look good on the LCBO shelvses.

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