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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toronto Pub Crawl - Yonge Street

Part 4 - Yonge Street:

This could be the easiest pub crawl on the list. Make your way to Elm street for the first stop (just west of Yonge and north of Dundas) before staying right on Yonge street for the rest of the way.

There are also a couple of changes you could make to this list. Like starting at C'est What before hitting up beerbistro and the 3 Brewers before the Queen and Beaver. But I've used those in the downtown crawl, so here is my list for Yonge St.

Like I said, make your way to Elm Street and walk up the small flight of stairs to the Queen and Beaver, a true British style pub owned and operated by Jamieson Kerr.  Grab a seat on one of the many comfortable couches in the upstairs room and sup a pint of cask ale from Wellington or indulge in a glorious pint of Dension's Weissbier.  The Q&B has some great food and the atmosphere is nice and laid back; very relaxing.

barVolo is about a ten minute walk from the Q&B, north on Yonge.  There is really no need to talk about this place in greater detail as every beer lover I've met has experienced Volo.  What's great about adding Volo to this list is you never know exactly what will be featured on tap as it's always rotating.  You have the opportunity to choose from between a number of quality Ontario produced beers or well recognized imports, and the bottle selection is outstanding.

Back out to Yonge street and head north once again (this crawl goes north all the way) and head to the Pilot Tavern.  A well known drinking establishment just north of Bloor and west of Yonge, you'll be able to order an Amsterdam product or a Mill Street product (Cobblestone on tap) or Steam Whistle or Creemore and take it up to the Flight Deck, which was named the best rooftop patio in the city by the Globe and Mail.

Again, back out to Yonge and north to the Rebel House, a nice little two floor pub with a decent selection of local craft beer and a hell of a meatloaf.  If the weather permits take the pints out to the back patio and forget about the busy street you just came in off, or sit upstairs where a wooden Mountie watches over you.

The Monk's Table, the last stop on the crawl.  Formerly known as The Abbott on the Hill, partners Adam and Melissa are two of Toronto most hospitable pub/bar owners and they have put together a great spot to order delicious pints of imported beer.  In fact, this is what they specialize in.  Out of respect to the older Rebel House, The Monk's Table chooses to only bring in beers like Fuller's ESB, Gouden Carolus Classic (bottles), Hacker Pschorr Dunkel Weisse, Warsteiner, Urthel Hop It, and more.  Great food, great service.

*Queen & Beaver - 35 Elm St
*barVolo - 587 Dundonald Street
*The Pilot Tavern - 22 Cumberland St
*Rebel House - 1068 Yonge St
*The Monk's Table - 1276 Yonge St

Tomorrow - Leaside

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Steve said...

This is probably my favourite 'crawl' so far. I think I'll be going next weekend.

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