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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Toronto Pub Crawl - Danforth Avenue

Part 2 - The Danforth:

Rule  #1 - for a Danforth crawl - no public transit, the crawl must be completed by foot (well, you can use transit to get to the start, and when you're finished).

Rule #2 - The Danforth Crawl should have six stops inside of the five I mentioned for the criteria.

My Danforth Crawl starts at Taps and Tales at Greenwood. This 'Toronto' pub has a number of good beers on tap, including a couple of McAuslan's, and the food is quite good. The back portion of the pub is furnished with leather couches sitting before a fireplace and offer a relaxing atmosphere secluded from the front of the house.

After finishing your pint get back out to Danforth and head west to the Only Cafe, a long time fixture on the strip for the beer lover. Take a peek into the two beer fridges behind the bar and choose from a number of decently priced imports.

Eton House is next (Eaton St). Now, you might disagree with me here on this stop, but give the Eton a chance and pop in. It's been known for years as a dive bar, but it's a good place to play pool, listen to some good ol' east coast music, and put back some Mill Street offerings. Have a couple at the Eton as you're in for a little bit of a walk to the next stop - the Auld Spot at Danforth and Jackman St. Good beer, good food, good atmosphere, and in the summer, a nice street side patio.

And now onto the final two stop: Allen's and Dora Keogh's (I'm counting these two as one). Two local legends. Loads of Scotch Whiskey's at Allen's and cask beer and a terrific atmosphere at Dora's.

*Taps & Tales - 1282 Danforth Avenue
*The Only Cafe - 972 Danforth Avenue
*Eton House - 710 Danforth Avenue
*Auld Spot - 347 Danforth Avenue
*Allen's - 143 Danforth Avenue
*Dora Keogh's - 141 Danforth Avenue

Tomorrow - Downtown

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Krissy said...

Re: The Only - it's also immortalized in a song by the Lowest of the Low. :)

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