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Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Craft Beer Mixed Packs In Ontario...and a New Four Pack

I've noticed something taking place over the last year.  On the back of the successful OCB Discovery pack mixers, and the single serve format that the LCBO provides customers, some Ontario breweries are starting to realize that offering beers in their own mixed packs, at the LCBO retail level, is a good idea and helps introduce individuals to a number of styles and flavours in one box.  Many breweries who have their own retail store often let you mix and match beers, but that only benefits people that live or work close-by.

Mill Street was the first Ontario brewery to package six different beers in one box with their Seasonal Sampler, the first being introduced to the public in the fall of 2009 and highlighted their silver medalist at the Canadian Brewing Awards - Pilsner.  It was so popular that they followed it up with another one in the winter that featured their Helles Bock, and plans are to release another one in the near future with the Lemon Tea seasonal as the new beer.

Bracebridge's Muskoka Cottage Brewery has been letting people mix and match at the brewery since switching over to cans and found the method to be quite popular.  And now they have their own mixed 12 can packs in the LCBO (broken up to be sold individually) and in the Beer Store (sold as 12 packs).  Three cans each of their Cream Ale, Dark Ale, Hefe-Weissbier, and Premium Lager.  The first three are all 473ml cans and the Lager 355ml.  Pricing in LCBO will be $2.60 x 12, but Beer Store will have pack up pricing - $29.40. (pic of box not the actual mixed pack)

And, for the past two Canadian Brewing Awards, Cameron's Brewing Co. in Oakville have walked away with three medals each year for the four beers they submitted.  Not bad.  So, why not throw all four of their brands into one box, send it to the LCBO, and give people the chance to try each beer without splurging on individual six (Dark Lager) or Cameron's signature nine-packs (Premium Lager, Auburn Ale, Cream Ale).  The new four pack is currently being sold at the breweries retail store and will soon start appearing on LCBO shelves for $8.95.

And while I'm on the subject of new packaging, even though it doesn't consist of a mixer pack, Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. is ready to release their long anticipated new four-packs containing 4x600ml of their flagship beer: Lug Tread Lagered-Ale.  The four-packs will start showing up at LCBO stores as early as next week and will retail for $15.60


Matt said...

I am not sure if this is old news but I notice McAuslan St.Ambroise Pale Ale was in a 4 pack this weekend at the LCBO as well.

Troy Burtch said...

Matt - right you are. Totally forgot about that. I think they came out two or so years ago. Thanks for the reminder.

Rob said...

The Beau's 4-pack looks great. They deserve a lot of credit for putting together a cohesive and attractive brand image. This should easily stand out on the shelves in comparison to other beers.

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