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Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009 Canadian Brewing Awards - The Winners

North American Style Lager
Gold: Alpine Lager, Moosehead Breweries (NB)
Silver: Original Draught, Sleeman Brewing (ON)
Bronze: Rocky Mountain Pilsner, Russell Brewing (BC)
Honourable Mention: Carling Lager, Molson Canada

North American Style Premium Lager
Gold: Premium Lager, Lakes of Muskoka Brewery (ON)
Silver: Premium, Great Western Brewing (SK)
Bronze Old Style Pilsner, Molson Canada

European Style Lager (Pilsner)
Gold: Stonehammer Pilsner, F & M Brewery (ON)
Silver: Pilsner, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
Bronze: Steam Whistle, Steam Whistle Brewing (ON)

North American Style Amber Lager
Gold: N/A
Silver: Buzz Beer, Cool Beer (ON)
Bronze: Red Leaf Smooth Red Lager, Great Lakes Brewery (ON)

Bock - Traditional German Style
Gold: Amsterdam Spring Bock, Amsterdam Brewing (ON)
Silver: N/A
Bronze: Hellesbock, Mill Street Brewery (ON)

North American Style Dark Lager
Gold: N/A
Silver: Fort Garry Rouge, Fort Garry Brewing (MB)
Bronze: Dark 266 Lager, Cameron's Brewing (ON)

Light (Calorie-Reduced)Lager
Gold: Sleeman Light, Sleeman Brewing (ON)
Silver: Premium Light, Great Western Brewing (SK)
Bronze: Alpine Light, Moosehead Breweries (NB)

Wheat Beer - Belgian Style White/Wit
Gold: Honey Thistle Wit, Bushwakker Brewing (SK)
Silver: Belgian Wit, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
Bronze: N/A

Wheat Beer - German Style Hefeweizen
Gold: Whistler Weiss Bier, Whistler Brewing (BC)
Silver: Hefeweizen, Tree Brewing Co. (BC)
Bronze: Hefe-Weissbier, Lakes of Muskoka (ON)

Wheat Beer - North American Style
Gold: Grasshopper Wheat Ale, Big Rock (AB)
Silver: Sungod Wheat Ale, R & B Brewing (BC)
Bronze: Dooryard Summer Ale, Northampton Brewing (NB)

Strong or Belgian Style Ale
Gold: La Fin Du Monde, Unibroue (QC)
Silver: Winter Warmer, Garrison Brewing (NS)
Bronze: Dominus Vobiscum Double, Microbrasserie Charlevoix (QC)

North American Style Amber/Red Ale
Gold: Yukon Red Amber, Yukon Brewery (NWT)
Silver: Auburn Ale, Cameron's Brewing Co. (ON)
Bronze: Devil's Pale Ale, Great Lakes Brewing (ON)
Honourable Mention: Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, Amsterdam Brewing (ON)

Cream Ale
Gold: Cream Ale, Cameron's Brewing (ON)
Silver: Cream Ale, Lakes of Muskoka (ON)
Bronze: KLB Cream Ale, Amsterdam Brewing (ON)

North American Style Blonde/Golden Ale
Gold: Gulf Island Brewing, Gulf Island Brewing (BC)
Silver: Honey Blonde Ale, Russell Brewing (BC)
Bronze: Picaroon's Blonde Ale, Northampton Brewing (NB)
Honourable Mention: Summer Ale, Granite Brewery (ON)

English Style Pale Ale (Bitter)
Gold: ESB, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
Silver: Black Oak Pale Ale, Black Oak Brewing (ON)
Bronze: Old Brewery Pale Ale, Nelson Brewing (BC)

North American Style Pale Ale (Bitter)
Gold: Old Yale Pale Ale, Old Yale Brewing (BC)
Silver: Chico Pale Ale, Bushwakker Brewing (BC)
Bronze: Tank House, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
Honourable Mention: Timberline Ale, Howe Sound Brewery (BC)

Barley Wine
Gold: 2008 Barley Wine, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
Silver: St. Ambroise Vintage Ale, McAuslan Brewing (QC)
Bronze: Swan's Legacy Ale, Swan's Buckerfield (BC)

India Pale Ale
Gold: Hop Head Double IPA, Tree Brewing (BC)
Silver: No. 9 IPA, Mike Duggan - Cool Beer (ON)
Bronze: N/A

Brown Ale
Gold: Nut Brown, Dead Frog Brewery (BC)
Silver: Rail Ale Nut Brown, Howe Sound Brewing (BC)
Bronze: True North Copper Altbier, Magnotta Brewery (ON)

Scotch Ale
Gold: N/A
Silver: Scotch Ale, Phillip's Brewery (BC)
Bronze: Iron Duke, Wellington Brewery (ON)

Gold: St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, McAuslan Brewing (QC)
Silver: Keepers Stout, Lighthouse Brewing (BC)
Bronze: Traditional Irish Stout, Hockley Valley Brewing (ON)
Honourable Mention: Midnight Sun Espresso Stout, Yukon Brewery (YT)

Strong Porter (Baltic)
Gold: Grand Baltic Porter, Garrison Brewing (NS)
Silver: N/A
Bronze: N/A

Imperial Stout
Gold: Russian Gun Imperial Stout, Grand River Brewing (ON)
Silver: Imperial Stout, Wellington Brewery (ON)
Bronze: N/A

Gold: Palliser Porter, Bushwakker Brewing (SK)
Silver: Black Toque, Phillip's Brewery (BC)
Bronze: Coffee Porter, Mill Street Brewery (ON)

Fruit & Vegetable
Gold: Chocolate Porter, Phillip's Brewing (BC)
Silver: Raspberry Weizen, Pump House Brewing (NB)
Bronze: Jalapeno Ale, Garrison Brewing (NS)

Special Honey/Maple Lager or Ale
Gold: Special Honey Maple Lager, Old Credit Brewing (ON)
Silver: Winter Ale, Great Lakes Brewing (ON)
Bronze: Honey Brown Traditional, Dead Frog Brewery (BC)

Brewery of the Year - Mill Street Brewery (3rd year in a row)
Beer of the Year - Yukon Red Amber Ale


malcolm said...

Wow - 6 categories for lager. Yikes.
And Iron Duke is a Scotch Ale? Come on.

Rob said...

Great stuff! Special congratulations to Derek and the good folks at Amsterdam for runnning with the recipe!

Lager Bore said...

It was amazing how many people ran over to try the Yukon Red after it was announced as winner of Beer of the Year. Well deserved!
And a great video address on the part of the Yukon brewer. I hope Taps puts it on their web page!

A great night was had by all,

Troy Burtch said...

Malcolm - every brewery gets to choose which category their beer gets scored on.

vistaway said...

How do some categories have no winner noted in Gold or Silver positions? How does the judging work?

Blankboy said...

What is with the "n/a"s?

Anonymous said...

lager bore

thanks for the compliment and happy to hear that it was enjoyed

one of the brewers way up here

Lager Bore said...

Way Up There Brewer,
when's the good stuff coming way down here?

Jeff said...

Good god Troy. You are never going to be able to convince me, or any other IPA drinker that one of the at least 5 IPA's I know were entered that were not given a medal was not worthy of at least a Bronze. Sheesh, unless this comp starts awarding more medals, and keeping it a 1-2-3 only type of rating, no ome will bother entering any more. I know that one o your favourite beers, Garrison IMPA was entered, and it, or.a version of it has won the overall award twice before. And yet not even a bronze, amd worse no bronze given out? All the other IPA's scored less than 30? That is incredible, tat is, without credit. Shame!

Mark said...

I would really like to see someone from Taps/CBAs defend, justify and legitimize these awards. There are lots of people here, as well as on Beer Advocate and Bar Towel calling "shenanigans" on the whole thing.

Troy Burtch said...

Jeff - I am in no position to convince you about no bronze medal winner in the IPA category. I am not a judge, I did not judge, and I don't and did not handle any scoring sheets or material. My role with the Canadian Brewing Awards is to pour all the beers entered by the breweries into their corresponding 'marked' glassware before it gets sent off to the judges table.

I can say that there were many IPA's and IIPA's entered this year. And yes, Garrison IMPA was entered and did not receive anything? I guess the BJCP judges who tasted it blindly didn't score it to what I or yourself would have scored it. These 18 judges who scored each beer, did so blindly and scored according to the style guidelines they were given. Paul Dickey, a Grand Master Level 1 beer judge was brought in this year to look after the judging and the scoring, How the awards were handed out - not my call, I just get to post them (and sample them when I was pouring).

I also help with getting more breweries involved, and let me tell you, it's not easy. We did get more people to enter this year, and more beer was judged, but personally, I'd still like to get ALL the breweries enter their products - from all provinces. We had no luck with Quebec breweries again this year - all we can do is ask. If they don't participate, thats their call.

No one is ever really going to be happy with the results. Every year that I've been involved with the CBA's people have complained in one shape or form about a particular beer that won a gold or one that all us beergeeks adore but it didn't muster a single award. People were complaining two years ago about the lack of certified judges scoring the beers - we changed that and look at the results.


Troy Burtch said...

Mark - Thanks for your comments. I've forwarded them on to the owner of TAPS and the organizer of the CBA's. Hopefully he'll post here or reply to your multiple comments on BeerAdvocate.

I don't feel the need to defend - justify - or legitimize the CBA's. I don't think I'm in a position to do so. But I'll say this.

We ask breweries to enter beers for judging. We provide style guidelines. The brewers choose which category to enter their beers into. The 18 BJCP judges scored all the beers blindly according to the style guidelines provided. The scoring system was determined ahead of time - certain overall points for each category. If the beers didn't receive enough points for a medal - they didn't get one.

I read your last post on Bar Towel about the Speciality category (lack thereof). There was no category because it wasn't asked for - no one asked for it. As the beer scene continues to grow, the categories will open up. I can almost guarantee that there will be a IIPA category next year - we didn't expect so many to enter this year.

And back to the judges - I can't talk about how the beers were scored because I'm not a judge, I didn't see the score sheets, and I didn't help determine the overall scores. We went with BJCP judges this year to add some credibility to the awards and brought in Paul Dickey (who I'm sure you know) to look after the judging and scoring. I think he knows what he's doing.


Jeff said...

Troy, you missed my point. I was discussing this with you in the context of your blog, not attacking you. I am amazed that no Bronze was given out in IPA. The classes I judged, seeing the winners now, I can't be unhappy with. I recognized two of the winners - the Fin Du Monde and the Grasshopper. Hard to argue with those, given the style guidelines.

The Yukon Red, which we also judged, was an amazingly tasty thing, great malt - I mean great in terms of a pure intense expression of malted barley and probably crystal malt, with enough hops to balance, and then a bit more. Totally yummy. I think I scored it 44. It is the not awarding a bronze to an IPA, among which we know there were worthy beers entered, that I was asking your opinion of. We were both there, but only spectators to that.

I cannot understand that. Was this people who hate modern IPA's catching that category?

I am visiting Tree tomorrow. No double IPA left - that is only seasonal beer. Should be an interesting visit.


Troy Burtch said...

Jeff - sorry about that. I didn't know it was you. I received a bunch of emails about the results (to my personal address) and I had just read them before I responded to your comment. I guess I was responding to all those as well as yours.

All understood now. I hear you loud and clear. There were a ton of great IPA's there.

And Tree, man do you get around! Have a great time.


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