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Friday, March 2, 2012

New Direction For Great Canadian Beer Blog

As I pointed out in a post back on February 22nd, I will be joining the team at the Great Lakes Brewing Co. next week. It's an exciting change for me. I'm heading to a brewery with a great line-up of beers and one that loves to experiment with bold flavours and unique styles.

That being said, I recently sat down and thought about what it will mean for me and this blog. Keeping a fair and impartial blog is something that I've always strived to do. With TAPS Media, anytime I'd mention the magazine I'd make sure to post a small mention of my employment with them so as to not give anyone the impression I was using my blog to showcase them. With the move to a brewery however, it gets a little more complicated. You're working with more licensees, consulting with other breweries, developing new events and marketing pieces etc., things that aren't necessary meant for airing out on a blog.

There have been many people inquire about this as well, asking me "how can I continue blogging about other breweries, provide tasting notes on beers from other breweries, or do a profile on different pubs?" I guess I could, but for me it wouldn't seem right. And that are many many other excellent beer bloggers out there who do an amazing job spreading the craft beer gossip! So, I've come up with a new direction to take this blog in - Canadian Brewing/Beer/Pub History.

I'm thinking that I'll start showcasing various pieces from my collection of Canadian breweriana. Post a couple of images of the piece and provide some notes about it -like the estimated age of the piece, some history about the brewery, where I obtained the piece and what I like about it. My goal will be to hopefully show you a small glimpse of our Canadian beer history. Interviews with various breweriana collectors will also be something that I'll be introducing, which I know will be fascinating.

I'll still be adding events to the event page and I'll still be updating the CDN Beer Directory page. I'll still be posting the odd interview with various beer bloggers as I truly believe that all craft beer drinkers should be made aware of the people out there who are helping spread the good beer word in their own unique ways.

Guest posts about Canadian beer bars/pub from other individuals (guest contributors) will also be put on the site. There are some already lined-up, but if you have any interest in writing pub reviews, please contact me at Also, if you have any Canadian Breweriana pieces that you'd like to share/highlight on this site with readers, please don't hesitate to contact me.

1 comment: said...

Sad to see a great beer resource going, but I'm interested to see where the change takes your blog. Nobody's writing about brewerania (is that a word?) yet, so this should be cool.

Best of luck at Great Lakes. Let's have a longer session at Volo sometime soon.


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