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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Ultimate Winter Two-Four: The Grid (Toronto)

When the Toronto Beer Week (TBW) board was looking at the 2011 marketing budget we explored the two largest Toronto weekly newspapers - NOW Toronto and The Grid (the latter was previously Eye Weekly).

The direction, content and fresh thinking at The Grid steered us in their direction, as did their promise of putting together a mini beer guide that would run during TBW. They did one, titled The Ultimate Two-Four, and it was a big success.

One of the many attractions of The Grid is that they have a dedicated writer for beer articles. Crystal Luxmore (Hopped Up column) has ingrained herself into the Ontario beer scene and has done a great job telling the stories about beer news around these parts. In short, The Grid is taking the craft brewing industry seriously and are doing a good job of spreading the word to a whole new demographic. In addition to Luxmore's articles, The Grid will be doing quarterly (seasonal) mini beer guides (like the one during TBW and this Winter one) that focus on the local beer movement.

Yesterday's edition of The Grid featured one of those mini beer guides (The Ultimate Winter Two-Four)  and focused on 24 winter beer reviews. Luxmore also provided some 'winter beer buzzwords', offered some ideas for winter friendly beers that are only available on draught, and takes a look forward at what might be in store for the 2012 Toronto beer scene.

Grab a copy around the city before their gone.

1 comment:

cluxy said...

Thanks for the post Troy. The craft beer scene is one that I feel lucky to be a part of — the passion of brewery staff, bar owners, beer writers and drinkers is contagious.

The Grid has a talented art and editorial staff who keep me on my toes, and make the paper a great read every week (in my biased opinion).

One caveat — I wrote everything in the guide except the winter beer buzzwords — which I didn't see until publication, so while any other errors in the guide are mine, those are not.


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