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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tonight - Great Lakes Project X

The January edition of Great Lakes Brewery's Project X takes place tonight  and there will be a number of special beers on hand to sample from, including one of the Toronto Beer Week HomeBrew Competition winning beers that was commercially brewed at Great Lakes.

Kama Stoutra Indian Imperial Stout won a gold medal at the 2011 TBW HomeBrew Competition and moved onto the final rounds for additional prizes. One of those prizes was the opportunity to brew the beer on a larger scale at Great Lakes with brewer Mike Lackey, which Zach Weinberg, who brewed the beer, won.

Weinberg of Toronto Brewing (homebrew supply store) wowed the final judges of the competition as they were amazed at how complex the beer was with all the spices used in its creation (madras curry, cayenne pepper, cumin and toasted coconut). Together, Lackey and Weinberg brewed the beer at Great Lakes back late November and tonight it is ready to be released to Project X members.

Here is the video of the two men talking about the beer. Weinberg also provides a brief description of the beer.

Here is the complete list as taken from Great Lakes Facebook page - In bottles - varying quantities:
Feature - Kama Stoutra
IPAs - Karma Citra, I saaz her standing There
Saisons - No Chance With Miranda, The Ginga Ninja, Same Ol' Citrasaison, Saison du Pump, Rye did the Chicken?
Porters - Currently Incarcerated, Harry Porter
Big Beers - Vanilla Imperial Stout, Apocalypse Later, Barley Wine, A Waste of Men.....
ALSO- Sour Mash, Belgian Rouge, Black Wit.

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