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Monday, January 30, 2012

Inside Look - 75 Victoria Ave: Six Pints Specialty Beer Company

It's no secret, Six Pints Specialty Beer Co. will be occupying the former Duggans Brewery location at 75 Victoria Street in Toronto. You've probably heard about it by now.

Toronto Life's Daily Dish first broke the story (publicly) about the new Molson Coors Specialty Beer Division back in early December after a reader sent in an image of the a building permit in the name of Creemore Springs. The speculative article was later clarified somewhat when a story about the plans for the building in the Creemore Echo paper made it's way online. Roger Mittag over at Quench Your Thirst has written about it, as has Jordan St. John at QMI Agency. All the information about the new venture can be found on their sites. And there will be a piece about it in the Spring issue of TAPS The Beer Magazine that will shed some more light on the plans. I have some thoughts on this myself, but I'll reserve them until a later date, once the place is open for business. 

But I want to take you inside the building to show you some of the plans that Six Pints has (many images below). 

In a nutshell, Six Pints will act as a Beer Institute of sorts that will feature a small beer museum and timeline, a beer library, computers for brewing research, growler sales, beer academy and a hospitality training facility. The brewhouse will remain; though a number of upgrades and repairs are currently underway to get them to up to spec. 

But before we begin, here are some interesting notes:
  1. Six Pints is using Creemore Springs manufacturer's licence to produce beer here, and sell beer here. Six Pints will not be brewing Creemore Springs brands or Granville Island brands.
  2. While Six Pints will be allowed to sell Creemore Springs brands out of the retail store, they will not be able to sell brands from Granville Island.
  3. This is not a brewpub. In fact, Six Pints have made it clear that it will only serve food for special events, conferences, beer academy sessions, etc. 
  4. Six Pints will be working with some local beer people to showcase beers timeline in Canada
  5. Six Pints are still working on the name(s) of the on-site brewery and brands. It was rumoured that they'd like to use some sort of numbering system to help individuals identify which batch they preferred over another, but I believe this is no longer the case.
  6. All the renovations are scheduled to be completed in March. 
  7. Unrelated to the building, but look for Six Pints to start bringing other Molson Coors products from other markets into Canada - ie. Worthington's White Shield.

Six Pints - 75 Victoria in pictures (click image to expand)

Upstairs - Front Entrance: The brewery will remain on the right (equipment remains as well - needs some work)

Front Entrance - There will be a 'beer timeline' that runs the length of the wall. The timeline will be about beer, not just Molson Coors history

Upstairs - around the corner from the front entrance. The 'beer timeline' will start on this wall and extend around the corner to the front entrance

Upstairs - This is the main bar in left side of the building. There will be displays of ingredients, a fancy (specially designed) draught tower, glassware - From Grain to Glass. Educational bar for tastings

Upstairs - besides the 'Grain to Glass Bar' is the Beer Library. Six Pints will stock a number of beer books on homebrewing, history, tasting guides, magazines, etc. There will be seating here for people to sit down and browse through the books

Upstairs and to the back - right before the doors lead you out to the old patio, there is a small room that Six Pints will be using as a Multi-Purpose Room for conferences, presentations, tastings etc

Upstairs - right side of building: There will be a retail bar for tasting the various beers that Six Pints will be brewing a number of different styles that will be available for tasting and take home consumption. Growlers and large format bottles will be available. 

Upstairs - right side of building: Where the old Duggans bar was, will now be a large beer fridge and coolers

Downstairs - back of room on the left: This will be the home of the Beer Academy. There will be a functioning kitchen, seating, bar area and more. Educational courses and tastings will be held in this room

Downstairs - left side of building: Six Pints' offices

Downstairs - right side of building: Tucked away behind and besides the brewhouse is a small room that will act as the Bottling Room. Growlers and large format bottles will be filled here
So there you have it. A very early inside look at what Six Pints has in store for 75 Victoria Street.

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