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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alley Kat Brewery News

Edmonton's Alley Kat Brewery has announced the latest beer for their "Big Bottle" series, and like the previous releases the name is a clever play on words - Abbey Kat Belgian Style Quad.

The Big Bottle series, which the brewery launched last year and included releases like the Gringer Cranberry Ginger Ale, Red Dragon/Blue Dragon double IPAs, Three Bears Oatmeal Stout, Fresh Hop Full Moon Pale Ale, and more, has been very popular with beer drinkers in Alberta. I've been lucky enough to sample most of them and simply enjoyed each one.

The 9.4% Abbey Kat Belgian Style Quad is described on their website as:
Taking a page from the traditional Monastery breweries in Belgium, Alley Kat releases Abbey Kat a “double Dubbel” or Quadrupel brew. This high alcohol beer has notes of burnt caramel, fruit and clove.

The beer will be launched on Friday January 13th between 5-8pm at the brewery, with free samples, snacks and brewery tours. The 650ml limited offering will be available for purchase at the brewery's retail store and at select liquor stores across Alberta.

In other Alley Kat news, the brewery is brewing up another Double IPA, which will be known as Green Dragon. The Green Dragon follows in the footsteps of the Red Dragon and the Blue Dragon series (under the Big Bottle series), which are all made with various hop varieties. Alley Kat plans to launch a new Double IPA every two months moving forward and the Green Dragon is slated for release in February.

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