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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video - Driftwood Brewing Co., Victoria, BC

Up front disclosure: It is no secret that I am employed by TAPS Media, the parent company of TAPS The Beer Magazine. From time to time I've posted material on this blog (before and after being hired) with respect to work that has appeared in TAPS. My intention when posting said material, and the material below, is only meant as news, nothing more.

I had the opportunity to travel to Victoria, BC this past May to attend the wedding of some Ontario friends who now call British Columbia home.

My wife and I landed in Victoria on a Wednesday morning, ready to see the town... and to visit a number of the local craft breweries. The beautiful city boasts a number of terrific breweries like Phillips, Swans, Vancouver Island, Lighthouse, Canoe Brewpub, Spinnakers and Driftwood.

We were staying in one of the guest houses at Spinnakers, which I highly recommend doing if you find yourself on a trip out west, and we made it a goal (ok, I made it a goal) to visit each and every place, have a beer at each one, take a brief tour of the brewing facilities and record a small video for TAPS Media (see note above).

One of the first places we made it to was the Driftwood Brewing Co., makers of beers like Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine, Farmhand Ale, Driftwood Ale, Crooked Coast Amber Ale White Birch Wheat, Fat Tug IPA (2011 Canadian Beer of the Year) and more.

I had the chance to check out their barrel-aged and sour beer program (Flanders Red just came out - Bird of Prey), sample some beers, and chatted with one of the co-founders, Jason Meyer, who took some time to go on video.

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