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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video - Toronto Beer Week 2011 Launch

On Friday September 16th, members of the Toronto Beer Week Ltd (TBW) team gathered at the Amsterdam Brewery with members of the local media, brewers, brewery representatives, publicans and passionate craft beer drinkers to officially kick off the 2011 edition of TBW.

Cass Enright (Bar Towel, Brewery Market, Bar Towel Imports, TBW) was onsite to tap the first cask of the week, Amsterdam's Framboise (a 2011 Canadian Brewing Award gold medal winner), shortly after 12pm to welcome in the 2nd annual beer week.

The launch was a great success and did in fact start the 9 days of beer events off on the right foot. The City of Toronto deemed TBW as an Event of Municipal Significance and the with that we have some big plans already brewing (sorry for the pun) for the 2012 edition.

For those of you who couldn't make it to the launch, here is a full length video for you to enjoy.

Also, don't forget about the TBW Share Your TBW Memories contest. Send us your photos, or your videos, or draw us a cartoon, or write a piece about Toronto Beer Week, and you could win valuable prizes from the following establishments: C’est What, Monk’s Table, Stout Irish Pub, The Abbot, The 3 Brewers**. Entries will be judged by the infinitely wise TBW board members, over a beer of course. By submitting your contributions you give permission to Toronto Beer Week to post them on the TBW website. You will, needless to say, be credited. Just not paid. If we had any money, we’d spend it on beer.

We've already received some pretty solid entries, so get your's in soon. We'll be making some decisions by the end of October! Send your submissions to for your chance to win!

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