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Monday, October 31, 2011

Muskoka Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout Returns With New Name & Artwork

Muskoka Brewery released their Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout (DCCS) last winter as part of their ongoing seasonal release program, and the beer did so well at both retail and licensee outlets that the northern brewery is bringing it back again this year, albeit with a new name and new artwork.

We've all seen the changes the brewery has gone through since May, redesigning their products and packaging, and the Harvest Ale was the latest product to bare new label artwork.

However, as of November 7th, people will be able to see and purchase the new 'Winter Beard' DCCS as 240 LCBO stores across Ontario will have the beer stocked for take home purchase and it will start appearing at bars/pubs any day now. It will also be available across Alberta and Manitoba in due time. The beer is currently available at the brewery's retail store as of tomorrow and the 8% 750ml bottle will retail for $10.95.

The beer won over a lot of people last winter and Rate even named it the "Top New Beer of December 2010" where it still maintains a 94 rating on the user generated ratings website. Here is the video the brewery made last year, showing the making of the beer. 

From Winter Beard DDCS sell sheet (below):
What could be more reminiscent of a frigid Northern winter than a cozy beard and a warming Muskoka seasonal brew? Our Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout is rich and sturdy with roasted dark chocolate malts, real cocoa, 70% dark chocolate, and freshly harvested local cranberries. Pair that with a slightly higher alcohol content and you'll find yourself sharing this bottle of joy all winter long. Beard not included.

In other Muskoka news, the brewery have recently confirmed that they've been able to get some of their product into a variety of restaurant chains, including Prime Pubs, the Keg, Jack Astors, and Canyon Creek, which is great for craft beer drinkers who usually have a tough time finding a beer to their liking at establishments like the ones named above.

Mike Laba, Muskoka's Director of Marketing, also told me that the Mad Tom IPA is now the brewery's number one selling brand, by a long margin, replacing Cream Ale at the top of Muskoka's core brands.

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