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Monday, October 17, 2011

Brewed In Canada - 10 Year Anniversary

I was going through my beer library the other night looking for some notes on a brewery who was in operation during the early 1900's, and like I've done so many times since I've emmersed myself into the beer community I reached for Allen Winn Sneath's Brewed In Canada: The Untold Story of Canada's 350-Year-Old Brewing Industry.

I found the part I was looking for, read the piece, then, like so many other times, I flipped through the book stopping to read bits and pieces that I actually hadn't intended to. It's a fascinating book and was the first to capture the history of Canadian brewing in great detail.

Towards the end of the book there is a timeline that lists major news/events (like brewery openings, closings etc.) and I noticed it ended at 2001. I turned to the front of the book and realized that it was published in 2001 as well, which was 10 years ago.

I decided to contact Sneath about the books 10 year anniversary only to learn that he doesn't follow the industry anymore. We chatted for a little bit about the book and he commented on the fact that the 432 page tome "needed to be written," and "it was the only one of its kind when it was released."

I had always wondered if there would ever be a revised edition, a new book with updates on the industry and maybe a comprehensive index. However, in speaking with Sneath, there are no plans for an updated version.

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Hugh Chatfield said...

Tony - can you do me a favour?

Is there anything in the book about Perth Ontario and any of it's breweries/distilleries?

I am particularly looking for any mention of underground tunnels in Perth. I am producing some documentaries that tracks the journey of the Perth copybook (1816-1820). It was found in the rubble of a building in Perth in 1995.

I now have an eye witness who puts it in a "secret" underground tunnel in 1949, along with 24 other journals. The tunnels seem to be related to the existence of many breweries and distilleries in Perth.

I am compiling any documented evidence for these tunnels and am trying to back it up with archaeological digs to see what is left of the tunnel.

If you could let me know - and if so - I will try to track down a copy. Sounds like an interesting book.

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