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Saturday, July 16, 2011

North American Craft To Represent Two Big US Breweries In Ontario

North American Craft (NAC), a company I've written about here in the past, have recently secured the rights to represent products from Brooklyn Brewery in Ontario through LCBO retail outlets, which came into effect today.

Claude Lefebvre, owner/founder of NAC, will also be providing Ontario field representation for Rogue Ales from Oregon who were recently selected as for the LCBO's Brewery Feature that ran this spring. "I'm extremely thrilled to be working with Brooklyn and Rogue here in Ontario," said Lefebvre earlier today. "We've already had some good news from the LCBO today about Brooklyn and we've secured a number of new store listings for Rogue products."

The Canadian national rights for both breweries still belong to the AFIC Group, yet Lefebvre's company will provide support on the ground, and only at the retail level.

Brooklyn and Rogue join NAC's portfolio as of today, sitting alongside Halifax's Propeller Brewing Co., Saskatoon's Paddock Wood Brewery, Ontario's Denison's, Black Oak and Straftford Brewing companies who are also clients of NAC.

Lefebvre has had great success since launching the company in February of this year, getting more and more shelf space for the brands he represents. Propeller is growing by triple digit growth in the Ontario market and the brewery is producing as much as they possibly can! Same with Black Oak, where Lefebvre has secured more listings in cities like Ottawa, which has the brewery producing more and more product.

So this is good news to those who enjoy both Brooklyn and Rogue products. We may even see more brands from Brooklyn making their way here in the future   ; )

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