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Monday, July 25, 2011

Garrison - Phillips: Mash-up Belgian IPA

On Friday June 24th, the brewing crew at Halifax's Garrison Brewing Co. welcomed Matt Phillips, the founder of Phillips Brewing Co. in Victoria, BC, into their brewhouse to colloborate on a Belgian IPA - the first in a new series of collaborative brews Garrison is calling the "Mash-up Series."

In a recent press release issued by Garrison, Phillips, who originally hails from the east coast, had this to say about being part of the first Mash-up: "It was good fun to work with such a great beer team. Nice to see that on both coasts, we speak the same flavour language about beer!"

The entire process was captured on video (below), taking individuals inside the brewhouse to witness the collaborative Belgian IPA being produced, and more Mash-ups are already lined up with other breweries in Canada and even some international ones.

"It was just a great, relaxing day of brewing," said Garrison Brewmaster, Daniel Girard.

While the beer was developing in the tanks, Garrison was struck with tragic news. On July 2nd the brewery learned that their graphic designer and long-time employee, Colin Allin, was shot and killed during a robbery in Nicaragua. To help with medical and funeral expenses Garrison will take $1 from each bottle of the Belgian IPA sold and donate it to Allin's family.

Bottles of the Belgian IPA are currently available at the brewery and in a select number of private stores in Halifax, but only for a limited time.

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