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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bellwood's Brewery...Coming Soon To Toronto

Bellwoods Brewery - coming soon to Toronto.

I spoke with Luke Pestl last week, Bellwoods brewer and partner, and he mentioned that he and his business partner Mike Clark, also a brewer, are excited to be opening in Toronto's west end and they're looking forward to start brewing on a commercial scale.

Hoping to be operational by late October (if all goes as planned), the brewery, cafe and retail store will be situated at 124 Ossington Avenue in a location that the co-owners recently secured.

"We'll start off very small, a nano-microbrewery on a humble 8.5 hectolitre system where we'll brew a variety of styles," said Pestl, who formerly brewed at Amsterdam Brewing Co. "We plan to brew some traditional beer styles, alongside a wide range of lesser known and experimental beers."

Pestl also stated that Bellwoods, which will have a tied-house licence, will bring in a rotating selection of craft beers from other local breweries. "We want to create a community tasting room, within an indoor picnic style cafe, and with that we want to have rotating 'community taps' sitting alongside our own beers."

With the location secure (30 seat capacity), the team has begun brewing (privately) on a pilot system Bellwoods have purchased in order to strengthen some recipes that will one day be served at the brewery. They hope to keep this system in operation at the brewery to continually develop new recipes.

While we wait for Bellwoods to open, check out their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep up to date with their progress. They have also started up the City Hops Project, a cool initiative that saw Bellwoods and volunteers plant hops in 8 different locations in Toronto that may one day be used in special release beers.

And here is a short video the future brewery put together about the production of their first set of posters.

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