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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Consumed: Black Oak Summer Saison

Black Oak Summer Saison (iPhone image)
I promised myself that I'd go for a run at lunch today. I've been trying to increase my physical activity level to where it once was, but beer seems to keep getting in the way. Today, it happened again.

A quick car ride over to Black Oak Brewing Co. from the TAPS office to pick up the OCB Summer 2011 Discovery Pack (#9) resulted in an additional six pack being loaded into the car -  Black Oak's summer quencher, Summer Saison, thus quashing my lunch time run in favour of a glass (or two) of the popular beer.

Armed with a brand new label that puts an emphasis on the Summer with big bright images of the sun, the unfiltered Saison pours a lovely hazy orange with a gentle layer of a snowy white head.

The first swirl of the glass produced notes of coriander, fresh apricot and orange peel on the nose and a second and third whip up delicate traces of white pepper, only slightly. After only a few short sniffs it's time to raise the glass. Sweet up front with a nice, moderate carbonation, the 4.2% Saison leaves behind notes of pleasant orange zest with a touch of lemon before giving way to a subtle peppery finish. It finishes nice and clean, dry, stripping the palate down with each sip, which readies me for another drink. The overall sessionability and gently spiciness of the Saison is what I'm really digging in this beer. A great beer for the summer.

Black Oak have been producing this beer for a number of years now and the consistency of said product is quite amazing. Like all other beer drinkers in this province who are fans of this Saison, I would love to see this listed in the LCBO and Beer Store one day in the near future... and who knows... it could be in the works :)

The Summer Saison is available for purchase at the Black Oak Brewery at 75 Horner Avenue Unit #1 in Etobicoke. Call ahead for hours and availability. And look for it at select establishments throughout Ontario.

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