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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jack Layton Raises A Pint To Quebec

Jack Layton and his NDP party have moved ahead of other Federal parties in Quebec, including the Bloc Quebecois.

Is it because of this picture? With playoff action taking place between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins, Layton smartly dons a Habs jersey and raises a glass. Or is it the moustache?
photo taken by Shaun Best/Reuters

Canadian politicians have a knack for posting with a few pints during elections, but the question is - after the picture is taken, do they consume the beer? I think it's safe to say that Jack does!

Here's what Rick Mercer once told me about our leaders when it comes to beer:
Stephen Harper - Diet Coke guy. Okay, generic lager. Did you know that when he sat down to have tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace he asked for a Diet Coke?

Michael Ignatieff - I think Ignatieff would be a craft beer guy. I would bet that he would order local always. That would be my guess.

Jack Layton - Jack Layton would drink anything that's cold. He likes beer. I talked to him when he was fighting cancer (luckily he seems to have beaten it) and he was bemoaning the horrible diet his wife had him on, but what he was really bemoaning was the fact that he couldn't have a beer. I saw him recently drinking a beer so I guess he's back at it. Full flavoured.

Gilles Duceppe - I don't know what to think. I bet he'd be a full flavoured guy. I would guess that he's a good beer drinker. He is one party leader I haven't spent any time with.

Elizabeth May - You know what, she's a bit of a party girl, but yeah, she'd be the Organic drinker of the bunch.

*Question and answers appeared in the Fall 2010 issue of TAPS The Beer Magazine.*

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Brewer said...

I think Iggy would prefer some pretentious french wine, Layton would drink Canadian or some other `union made` boring lager and Harper would be the one to prefer a real ale. I don`t care what Duceppe would drink. And May would drink green tea.

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