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Monday, April 4, 2011

Canadians At Craft Brewers Conference

You may have already seen this picture, it has been circulating through Facebook and Twitter - let me explain the story behind it.

As I mentioned in the O' Canada post, a large group of Canadian brewers/industry/media/trade representatives came together during the last evening of the Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco during the closing reception to share some stories over a couple of beers. This all led to the group heading to the lobby for a group photo, which then turned into a imprompt performance of the Canadian national anthem. I snapped a couple of shots and unfortunately all of them turned out a bit grainy due to the pillar not seen in the photo's (the pillar cast a shadow over the crowd...). 

The list of individuals is listed below the image (listed by organization, which was also at the end of the video I posted the other day).

Bar Towel, barVolo, Beer Thirst, Benelux, Beau's All Natural Brewing, Big Ridge/Red Truck, Canada Malting, Central City Brewing, Church Key Brewing, Clocktower Brewpub, F&M Brewing, Garrison Brewing, HMH Negotiants, Mark James Group, R&B Brewing, Spinnakers, Square Peg Brewing (Planning), Toronto Beer Week, Vancouver Craft Beer Week, Yaletown Brewing.

Now, here is a list I put together of ALL Canadians that attended the Craft Brewers Conference (not in alphabetical order). If you aren't listed here, please let me know and I'll add you.

UBC Group
Dieu du Ciel
Great Lakes
Better With Beer (Bill White)
Granite Brewery (Toronto)
Beau's All Natural Brewing
Phillips Brewing
Central City Brewing
Spearhead Brewing
Church Key Brewing
F&M Brewing
Garrison Brewing
HMH Negotiants
The Bar Towel
Clocktower Brewpub
Amsterdam Brewing
Muskoka Cottage Brewing
McAuslan Brewery
Alley Kat Brewing
Grizzly Paw
R&B Brewing
Le Trou Diable
Bushwakker Brewpub
Barley Station Brewpub
Rain City Brands
Sterling Packaging
Le Saint Bock
The Rhino Bar & Grill
TAPS The Beer Magazine
Beer Thirst
Yaletown Brewing
Howe Sound Brewing
Tree Brewing
Square Peg (Planning)
Mondial de la Biere
Cask Brewing Canning Systems
Canada Malting
Chrislan Ceramics
Stephen Beaumont
Beerology (Mirella Amato)
Niagara College - Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management
Mark Anthony Brands
The Indie Alehouse
Yukon Brewing
Artisan Ales Consulting Inc. (Mike Tessier)

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