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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tweets From The Craft Brewers Conference

Just arrived back in Toronto late last night after a great trip to San Francisco for the 2011 edition of the Craft Brewers Conference put on by the great folks at the Brewers Association. Four action packed, fun filled days learning more about the industry, drinking west coast IPAs, visiting the craft beer hot spots and catching up with the large contingent of Canadian craft brewers.

I'll get to all that later, sharing some stories throughout the week once I catch up on my exploding inbox. And I hear a lot happened here in Ontario while I was gone (LCBO back at it again with their social responsibility...), so I've got some catching up to do with that news.

In the meantime, here are a number of tweets I posted from my blog account throughout my time in SF, some of which include images and video of the conference (links). Click here to read the TAPS The Beer Magazine tweets, which I was also tweeting from.

troyGCPBBlog Mar 27, 3:24pm via Twitter for iPhone @bartowel an I are drinking the good stuff @ SF airport! @beerwithmeTO Not a drop of #craftbeer to be found @ Pearson airport. Show Conversation

troyGCPBBlog Mar 27, 3:22pm via Twitter for iPhone
Anchor Steam at the SF airport bar... To be followed up with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

troyGCPBBlog Mar 27, 3:18am via Facebook
Um, yum!

troyGCPBBlog Mar 27, 3:14am via Facebook
My boy (George Eagleson - F&M Brewer) and I in San Fran at #cbc2011 @StoneHammerBeer

troyGCPBBlog Mar 27, 2:51am via Facebook
(bad quality...) A bunch of Canadians at the Thirsty Bear in San Fran! Wait for the O' Canada tomorrow!

troyGCPBBlog Mar 26, 2:45pm via Twitter for iPhone
Normal beer, old beer, under-carbonated, dirty draught lines & compressed air gas.. Interesting off flavours in each one

troyGCPBBlog Mar 26, 3:34am via Twitter for iPhone
Calling it a night... Great times with great #canadiancraftbrewers , great beer & food tonight. Tomorrow brings another day & more #cbc2011

troyGCPBBlog Mar 26, 1:02am via Twitter for iPhone
We're dancing in the moonlight... Moonlight Death & Taxes

troyGCPBBlog Mar 26, 12:40am via Twitter for iPhone
Sitting in Pi Bar in SF's Mission District w/ @Lackey101 @bartowel @indiealehouse drinking off this menu:

troyGCPBBlog Mar 26, 12:36am via Twitter for iPhone
I got the pics! @MuskokaBrewery Memories were made and lost last night at the Russian River & @SierraNevada collaboration event w @bartowel

troyGCPBBlog Mar 25, 7:26pm via Twitter for iPhone
Just had a great meeting with Joe Tucker @ratebeer and now listening to sour seminar with 3 outstanding brewers #cbc2011

troyGCPBBlog Mar 25, 3:36am via Twitter for iPhone
Btw - I won! @MuskokaBrewery The craft beer debates are getting intense. @troyGCPBBlog @bartowel #CBC2011

MuskokaBrewery Mar 25, 3:35am via Twitter for BlackBerry®
The craft beer debates are getting intense. @troyGCPBBlog @bartowel #CBC2011 Retweeted by troyGCPBBlog

troyGCPBBlog Mar 25, 2:12am via Twitter for iPhone
Yeah we are! Pliny baby! @bartowel Strong beers and jukebox @toronado with @Lackey101 @troyGCPBBlog @MuskokaBrewery Show Conversation

troyGCPBBlog Mar 24, 10:11pm via Twitter for iPhone
@21Amendment drinking a 21A Ninkasi Collaboration Ale with a great bunch of Ontario peeps!

troyGCPBBlog Mar 24, 8:17pm via Twitter for iPhone
Last #cbc2011 seminar of the day -exporting... Is Canada a viable market?

troyGCPBBlog Mar 24, 5:16pm via Twitter for iPhone
Which to chose from? #cbc2011

troyGCPBBlog Mar 24, 1:55pm via Twitter for iPhone
Samples coming! Sierra Nevada & Anchor collaboration #cbc2011 sounds of hundreds of corks popping #awesome

troyGCPBBlog Mar 24, 11:19am via HootSuite
RT @bimddc: Honestly an amazing night at day 1 CBC in San Francisco. Man! Let's put it this way.. I have the best job in the world!

troyGCPBBlog Mar 24, 3:33am via Twitter for iPhone
Hello Cali! Finally arrived in San Fran for #cbc2011 with @bartowel Checking into hotel then off for a quick pinty!

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