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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Victory Cafe - New Ownership

Rumours started circulating a couple of weeks ago that the Victory Cafe in Toronto's Mirvish Village, popular with local beer enthusiasts', artists, and patio lovers, was undergoing an ownership change. The details of said rumours were sparse and there was no word from the Victory about a change.

Until Monday of this week when I received an email confirming the details, which indicated that friends, Maz and Neil Brereton, two very friendly faces at the pub and former co-owners, will no longer be involved with the Victory.

I've been told that it is a completely new owner and details about how this will affect the beer line-up, the beer events that the Victory are well known for, the food and the everyday operations - are unknown at this time. However, some breweries I spoke with are concerned with the possible direction the new ownership might take the longtime craft beer bar.

Hopefully the new owner has seen the value in what the Brereton's and Blake Smith have created and will leave the Victory Cafe, as we know it, intact; or build on their foundation.

All the best to Maz and Neil in their future endeavours, and a rounding 'Cheers' for their passion and commitment for showcasing cask ale, great beer and providing great times!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They've also lost some great staff. Hoping it doesn't change too much. There's always Ronnies:)

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