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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TAPS The Beer Magazine - Winter 2010 Issue Contents

Up front disclosure: It is no secret that I am now employed by TAPS Media, the parent company of TAPS The Beer Magazine. From time to time I've posted material on this blog (before and after being hired) with respect to work that has appeared in TAPS. My intention when posting said material, and the material below, is only meant as news, nothing more.  

TAPS Winter Issue Contents

p.6 Bar Snacks
Coast-to-Coast Industry News

p.12 1st Annual AMBQ Congress by Deborah Wood
Montreal. November 15-17 - The first Association of Micro-Breweries of Quebec (AMBQ) Congress was dedicated to educating its members and celebrating the many positive accomplishments of the Quebec craft beer industry...

p.14 Quebec Dispatch by Mirella Amato
Brewing news from the belle province

p.15 Beer Worth Freezin' For by Matt J. Simmons
Does Yukon's Lead Dog Ale really warm you up on a cold day? Probably not enough to let you trade in your toque for a Speedo, but...

p.17 Beery Baltimore by Chuck Cook
A raft of serious beer bars and a Beer Week so jam-packed with beeriness they had to extend it to 10 days makes Charm City USA "Beery Baltimore"...

p.20 Editorial - Hopping On The Harvest Bandwagon by Craig Pinhey
Wet hopping... Fresh thinking or just a marketing ploy?

p.22 Hop Culture by Christine Beevis
Nova Scotia's craft breweries going local, not loco...

p.24 Beer Tickers by Rob Symes
Go into a great craft beer bar and you may see a strange phenomenon - someone sitting in a corner intently taking notes while swirling, sniffing and sipping their beer...

p.26 Land Of Ice, Fire & Beer by Shaun Cumming

It has only been legal to consume beer in Iceland since 1989, and that's not much time to have learned the trade. Shaun Cumming recently travelled to Reykjavik to see if they are fast learners...

p.30 Down The Hatch With Dieu du Ciel's Jean-Francois Gravel by Troy Burtch
Tasty quick hitters with Jean-Francois Gravel of Montreal's famed Dieu du Ciel brewery

p.31 Wind Powered Hippies Brew Great Beer by Mike Tessier
Self-described as 'alternatively empowered', New Belgium Brewing boasts employee shareholders, the title of the world's greenest brewery and environmental initiatives that would make David Suzuki do back flips....

p.34 The Emergence Of The Craft Beer Foodie by Tracey Phillipi
Who would have thought that supporting your local farmers and brewers could be so much fun?

p.36 Beer Goes Deep...Into The Past
Canadian archaeologist suggests that beer may pre-date the Sumerians by 5000 years...

p.37 Target Practice by Greg Clow
Breweries large and small are eager participants in the social media revolution...a look at Creemore Springs, Wild Rose Brewery, MolsonCoors & Beau's All Natural

p.42 Micro-Adventures In The Business Of Brewing - Brewing A Brewery by Matt J. Simmons
Chapter 1 - With a failure rate anywhere from one in four to one in ten, statistically speaking, we are not going to succeed...

p.43 Quaffs Questions & Answers by Mirella Amato
Portait of a beer industry great, revealed by 10 questions - Jon Downing

p.46 Where Do Canadian Westerners Drink by James Burla
Winnipeg ... really?

p.47 Young. Brash. Irreverant - Interview With James Watt by Troy Burtch
From the world's strongest beers to stuffed Road Kill packaging to dwarf protesters and the Equity for Punks business model... it's all in a BrewDog day.

p.52 Confessions Of A Brewer by Sam Corbeil
The hardest part, young brewer, is the waiting... As far as I'm concerned, patience is the most over-stated, overused and over-abused of all virtues. Take for example, Star Wars...

p.55 Vessels Of Inspiration by Mirella Amato
Beer glasses come in all shapes and sizes. There are tall, narrow glasses like the Pilsner glass and German Wheat beer glass, then there are wide ones like the Shaker, Nonick or Tulip pint and there are also stemmed glasses...

p.58 Great American Beer Festival by Bill White
Sold out! Not even the bear gets in... Another year of record-smashing accomplishments at the 29th annual Great American Beer Festival.

p.61 't Brugs Beertje - Interview With Daisy Claeys by Troy Burtch
Tucked away on a quiet cobblestone side street in the medieval town of Bruges lies a treasure. A destination that beer lovers the world over pilgrimage to when visiting Belgium, sharing the bar with locals. 't Brugs Beertje - The Little Bear of Bruges.

p.64 The Perfect Pair
Beer and food extraordinaire with guest chef's Michael Olson and Marc Thuet...

p.68 Toronto Beer Week by Jordan St. John
17 breweries, 3 brewpubs, 5 importers, nearly 50 venues, Canadian Brewing Awards night, a BrewDog beerbistro dinner, tastings, ladies' nights and meet the brewer events...

p.70 Mr. Wiebe Goes To Washington by Joe Wiebe
After a slow start and a couple of misses, the hits came fast and flavourful...

p.73 TAPS Holiday Gift Guide 2010/11
Industry elves have been busily putting together gifts for the holidays and TAPS has a few suggestions for the beer lovers on your Holiday lists.

p.77 Oktoberfest In Palestine - Taste The Revolution by Andrea & Magda
98% of the population is forbidden to drink alcohol and advertising alcohol is prohibited... starting a beer business looked like an impossible challenge.

p.80 Renaissance by Matthew Bellamy
John Molson and the re-emergence of commercial brewing in Canada, 1763-1812

p.82 Western Homebrew by James Burla
Calgary, Regina and Edmonton are home to arguably the country's most aggressive beer clubs... Regina's club has been top 10 in North America for many years and has hit as high as forth overall...

p.83 Moosehead Cask Ale by Craig Pinhey
Moosehead takes a bold step with cask ale... and it's the real thing.

p.86 Ask The Brewmaster by Bill White
Iron brewer competition: It was an apple vs. orange competition and each guest was only allowed to vote for a single beer...

p.88 Science Goes To Your Head by Luke McKinney
On a list of things that last forever, bubbles are right at the bottom, even below Justin Bieber...

p.90 Carboys In My Laundry Room by Christine Beevis
Hop to it. A homebrewer's 101 on hops...

p.91 Tasting Notes
Unity Brew (12 Alberta breweries), Old Credit Holiday Honey, Vancouver Island Hermannator Ice Bock, Le Saint-Bock Enigma, Les Trois Mousquetaires Porter Baltique, Wellington Imperial Russian Stout - tasting notes provided by Stephen Beaumont, Roger Mittag, Chester Carey, Greg Clow, Craig Pinhey and Troy Burtch

p.93 Homebrew Recipe #9 by Eric Ecclestone
Sometimes referred to as Bracket, this is a very old, very tasty, mead & ale beverage....Braggot

p.94 The Enunciator by Matt J. Simmons
Delving deep into the world of doppelbock...

p.96 My Shout by Stephen Beaumont
Barrels then and now - the current wave of wood conditioning makes use of the character of the barrel to intentionally impart certain flavour and aroma traits to the beer...

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