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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet Reid Pickering: The Feather's Pub - Toronto, ON

Meet Reid Pickering, the owner of The Feather's Pub on Kingston Road. Pickering used to call The Rebel House on Yonge St. home as he was a longtime manager there before purchasing Feather's off of a retiring Ian Innes, who opened the popular pub almost 30 years ago.

Since the purchase, Pickering has altered a couple of taps at Feather's, bringing on more local craft beer and continues to serve cask conditioned ale to his loyal customers. Pickering also took part in the first ever Toronto Beer Week, running events with Wellington, Steam Whistle and Creemore.

How long have you operated your establishment
1 1/2 years

How did you get into the hospitality industry?
I started washing dishes at age 15.

What is the best part of operating a pub?
The people

What is the worst?
The people

How do you go about selecting the beer for your establishment?
I try to maintain list of good quality and seasonal beers from around the world.

Where did the name of your establishment come from?
The original owner Ian Innes named it after a pub in his native Scotland.

What has been the biggest change in the beer industry since you started your business?
I have seen a huge growth in cask or real ale as well as so many new micro breweries.

If you could change one thing about the industry (pub/bar/restaurant), what would it be?
I would like it if the LCBO would allow licensees the ability to split cases or privately order in higher end product. As it is right now it is very cost prohibitive to try to maintain a specialized cellar.

What do you get up to when your not at your establishment?
I sing and play guitar in local roots rock band Tin Roof Rusted

If you're not drinking at your own bar, where do you head to for a beer?
Kilgour's or Fanny Chadwick's

Name the last beer you consumed?

The Feathers Pub
962 Kingston Rd
Toronto Ontario

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