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Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet the Pub Owners... New Feature

I threw out a teaser on Friday to let everyone know that I'd be adding a new feature to the blog, promising that Monday (today) would be the day that I would roll it out.

I guess it's not really a new feature, it's more along the lines of a new series. It's another element of the "Meet the.... " series that I've done in the past (brewers, brewery representatives, and bloggers), but this time it will focus on the men and women who have created establishments we beer drinkers so often like to visit - Pub Owners & Managers.

The new feature will be very similar to the other Meet the... posts. The selected participants were asked a number of questions relating to their business, their thoughts on the industry and about how they choose the beer selection for their place that gets people like us talking... and visiting. Most of the participants hail from Ontario, but there will be some others chiming in from all over Canada as this series moves ahead.

If you enjoy the upcoming posts and you think you know of an individual you'd like to see featured, please drop me an email and I'll do what I can. Also, if you do enjoy the posts, and/or the participant's establishment, send a quick email to the individual to thank them for what they do, or get out to the pub and have a drink or two.

And finally, one thing I should mention is that all the people you'll see featured in this series work very hard at what they do, so taking the time to be part of this is something that I've very appreciative of, and I'd like to thank them all for being involved.

First up, George Milbrandt - C'est What?

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