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Friday, November 5, 2010

Cheshire Valley Unfiltered English Mild Now Available

If there is one thing I can say about Paul Dickey, the President/Founder/Brewer of the Cheshire Valley Brewing Co., is that the man is a perfectionist. Stealing a line from Alexander Keith's, Dickey brews slowly, carefully, taking his time to get right.

Toronto drinkers have been teased by Dickey for years with sporadic casks popping up at various events, but now his beers will be more readily available.

Dickey is currently brewing at his "virtual brewery" (as he puts it) at the Black Oak Brewery (under contract) in Etobicoke where he uses his own fermenter and oversees the entire production of the product. He released his signature ESB back in September and Tuesday night marked the release of his excellent Unfiltered English Mild at one of Toronto's newest beer joints, The Burger Bar in Kensington.

"I am pleased with how the Mild turned out. This style is supposed to be a light-flavored, malt-accented beer that is readily suited to drinking in quantity. I believe it has turned out to be refreshing, and yet flavorful - and yes it can indeed be a session ale," said Dickey.

There aren't too many Milds being brewed here in Ontario. In fact, there aren't too many available in this province at all. Grand River Mill Race Mild, Heritage's Stuart's Session Ale, and Matt's Marathon Mild (barVolo) just to name a few, and it's a shame in my opinion. I enjoy the big hoppy IPAs, the Imperial Stouts and Pale Ales as much as the next guy, but Milds make for a great pub beer and that's where I find myself drinking more often than not. This is a welcome addition.

Back to that perfectionist opening, Dickey's Mild has developed over the years with his strict attention to every small detail it has become an excellent example of the style. Full bodied, lots of flavour, great drinkability, sessionable, and only 3.5%.

You'll be able to find the Unfiltered English Mild at the following Toronto establishments:
C’est What, beerbistro, barVolo, The Rhino, Harbord House, The Burger Bar, Bryden's, Victory Cafe.

Out of town establishments with the Mild:
The Stinking Rose (Campbellford), Chancey Smith’s (London), Woolwich Arms (Guelph)

Keep an eye out for more Cheshire Valley products in the coming months, including a Robust Porter in January.

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