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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amsterdam Brewery - Black Friday

Black Friday by Amsterdam Brewery
I stopped by Toronto's Amsterdam Brewery earlier this afternoon for business reasons and was delighted when presented with a glass of their newest limited release beer.

Called Black Friday, in reference to the busiest shopping day in the U.S. (tomorrow), the Black Friday is a Cascadian Dark Ale that will be released tomorrow at only three Toronto establishments - C'est WhatBurger Bar and barVolo. Each place will only receive a couple of kegs and once it's gone, it's gone.

The beer is a blend of three Amsterdam products: Nut Brown Ale, 2 Fisted Stout, and their Boneshaker IPA. It was then dry hopped, giving it a hoppy nose to go along with some mild coffee and chocolate notes from the 2 Fisted. Fresh hops on the palate meshed nicely with the roasted notes of the other two blends. It ended in a nice dry finish. Amsterdam decided that it would be better served unfiltered, making sure that all the flavours they intended to get out of it will come through.

Remember, it will only be available tomorrow at the three locations mentioned above.


In other Amsterdam news, their Boneshaker IPA is close to making another appearance in both 500ml bottles and keg format. After the success or the first batch that was released back in July, Amsterdam decided to release it once again. It was tasting great this afternoon! Loads of hops on both the nose and tongue as it was continuously hopped throughout the brewing process.

And last but not least, it looks as though Amsterdam's award winning Doppelbock will be made available in LCBO stores in the future. No exact date to report on, but look for it late next year.


Katie said...

As a follower of this blog I got pretty excited about this beer and planned to go to C'est What to give it a try (and invited a group of friends). Not only did the staff look stunned when I requested it, but I was also told that they didn't have "space" for it on their taps. Is it possible to make sure that beers you promote are actually available to help avoid disappointment? This is the second time I've come to C'est What looking for a special limited beer and been disappointed.

Troy Burtch said...

Katie - thanks for following the blog. Regarding the Black Friday at C'est What, I'm sorry to hear that C'est What didn't have the beer available today. As mentioned in the post, I was told that it would be on tap today and today only by the good folks at Amsterdam.


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