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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toronto Beer Week Update

I'll be the first to admit it - We've been pretty quiet so far with Toronto Beer Week news; outside the proverbial board room doors at least, but now the wheels are starting to spin.

The committee had some unexpected delays with the design of our official logo, which we've since cleared up (see the image to the left, and right) and we have re-done our website.  It is now cleaner, easier to read and will soon have more information posted in the empty sections.

With the logo complete and the website running smoothly, it's time for the fun part - hitting the pavement, getting out from behind our computer screens to sign up breweries, licensees, importers and another business that would be interested in participating.

So far the response has been great.  The idea of a Toronto Beer Week has been well received!  We have been getting a lot of emails from industry representatives with ideas, and so far they all sound great.  It's true, we do know that BrewDog will be in Toronto during the Toronto Beer Week for a series of events (details to be posted shortly), and there are a number of other excellent events already scheduled in theory, but we can't post on them just yet - soon though!

We are working hard to ensure that the first ever Toronto Beer Week is everything that every beer drinker in this city hopes it can be.

In the meantime, if you are a brewer, importer or licensee, and you are interested in participating, please visit and click on the contact us link.  Shoot one of us an email and we'll walk you through the registration fee, the timeline or answer any other question you may have.  If you aren't part of the list I just mentioned, but you have a favourite brewery or pub that you'd like to see participate, please either email one of use at TBW or forward our information along to them!


Eric R. said...

New logo looks a lot better - good work guys. Looking forward to seeing all the great events!

Brewmaster Dave said...

+2 on the new logo.

onebeeratatime said...

Nice work gang, Looking forward to seeing the event page fill out!

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