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Thursday, July 8, 2010

TAPS Beer Magazine - Summer 2010 Issue

The summer issue of TAPS The Beer Magazine has been released and should start appearing on store shelves anytime now.  Copies of the 78 page publication have also been sent out to all of our dedicated and loyal subscribers, so you should be receiving your copy soon!

You may notice two changes with the new summer issue.  The first change - the name of the magazine has gone through a small change from TAPS Canada's Beer Magazine to TAPS The Beer Magazine.  The magazine will continue to focus on Canadian content and coverage of the Canadian brewing industry will still be the main initiative, but there are plans to have issues of the magazine on newsstands to our south come the fall and we felt that removing the word 'Canadian' from the name was necessary for our expanded distribution. 

The second change is a big change in the publication industry.  TAPS has gone to perfect bind.  Gone are the saddle stiches (staples) that we had before.  It now has the look and feel of a 'real' magazine.  

As with all the other past issues, this summer issue is full of beer related information from coast-to-coast, with a couple of international stories mixed in for good measure, including one on the Taste of Toyko.

Here is a sneek peek into what you'll find in the magazine, although there is a lot more inside the 78 pages, including regional beer news, beer reviews by our Tasting Panel, beer and food articles, and much more.

Greg Clow: Clow's series of Beer Styles 101 has taken a glimpse into Stouts, Witbier, Barley Wines, Porter, Weissbier, and Fruit beers over numerous issues and this summer issue features a good read on Belgian-Style Ales.

Stephen Beaumont: In his My Shout Column, Beaumont shares his thoughts on six things you should really know about beer.

Craig Pinhey: Pinhey doesn't get the Fuss Over Fizz with the new Molson M 'microcarbonated' beer.  Pinhey also writes about Jesse Vergen, a beer chef with the Saint John's Ale House in New Brunswick, and he also provides an update on the Granite Brewery in Halifax.

Bill White: Provides insight into the 17th Annual Mondial de la Biere in Montreal, the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago, and the World Beer Cup. 

Mirella Amato: Amato profiles the L'amere a boire brewpub in Montreal, highlights the Quebec brewing scene in her Quebec dispatch column, and interviewed Brazilian brewmaster and beer sommelier, Cilene Saorin.

James Burla: Travels around Canada's beer-basket, visiting the Wild Rose Brewery, Roughneck Brewery, Amber's Brewery in Alberta, and also makes couple of stops in Sasketchewan.

Connie Proteau: Proteau pays a visit to the Central City Brewing Co. in surrey, BC and chats with Gary Lohin, Central City's brewmaster.

Kristina Santone: Interviews Lakes of Bays Brewing Co. president, Darren Smith, who opened the new Ontario brewery back in May.  

Mike Tessier: This is Tessier's first article in TAPS and with it he provides some insight into the beer culture in Sasketchewan.

Sam Corbeil: Corbeil was at the Ontario Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Queen's Park) in May working the Ontario cheese table, matching various cheeses with Ontario beer, and he writes about his experience.

Eric Ecclestone: Shared his Mild Ale recipe in his Homebrewing column. 

Matt Simmons: Simmons first article to appear in TAPS features a story on the Plan B Brewing Co. in Smithers, BC.

Christine Beevis: Heard about the Hop Mess Monster?  Beevis takes you behind the story of the new Halifax beer with 533 theoretical IBU's.  Beevis also does a great piece on Nano-Brewing.

Adin Wener: Another first time article in TAPS.  Wener takes a look into the difference between pubs in the UK and the ones here in Canada.

The Tasting Panel featured the following beers: Ten Bitters Years from Black Oak Brewing Co., Pilsner Light from Muskoka Cottage Brewery, Hefeweizen from Propeller Brewing Co., Hop Head Double IPA from Tree Brewing Co., Ephemere Apple/Pomme from Unibroue, and A Wee Angry Scotch Ale from Russell Brewing Co.

And I wrote a little story on the Moosehead Breweries and Boston Beer Co. Canadian distribution agreement and interviewed Steve Gill, manager of the new Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Course at Niagara College. 

TAPS is available at select Chapters/Indigo nation-wide and at many independent book and magazine retail outlets from coast-to-coast. Subscriptions for the magazine can be purchased by visiting the TAPS website ( or by calling 416-536-9070. On-line digital versions of the magazine can also be purchased for the low yearly price of $12. Click here for more details.

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