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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shiny Penny Brewery Gets Its Start

Chloe Smith and her husband Cedric Dauchot (in picture), both professional brewers by trade, recently packed up their bags and made the move from Montreal to Saskatoon to get into the Canadian commercial brewing industry, looking to open the Shiny Penny Brewery.  Their first beer was just produced at the Paddock Wood brewery - Saskatchewan Wheat Ale (Belgian Wit).

Dauchot, who studied at l'Institut Meurice Chimie in Brussels (one of the three brewing schools in Belgium), and Smith, with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a diploma from the American Brewers Guild, have plans to open their own brewpub in Saskatoon one day in the near future.

Smith took some time to answer three questions about their new venture...

Shiny Penny is a new venture for you and your husband I understand - what led to your decision to move to Saskatoon to get into the brewing industry?
My husband and I are both professional brewers, he is from Belgium and I am from Saskatoon, we met while working together in Montreal. We talked about opening our own place for years and for us it was always going to be Saskatoon. Montreal already has loads of great beer and Cedric always says: you have to kill a brewer to take their place in Belgium, there is so much beer there. So when the boom started in Saskatoon we thought: ok it's now or never.

The beer (Saskatchewan Wheat Ale is currently being brewed at Paddock Wood Brewery until you find the right location to open your brewpub. Where will people be able to purchase the Wheat Ale?
The Sask Wheat Ale is really just a one off for us. We were getting itchy feet about not having brewed in awhile and thought it would be a good opportunity for us to have a product to place in investors hands. Paddock Wood generously agreed to let us brew a beer at their brewery and they are selling it for us at their outlet. So while supplies last you can get it at 116-103rd street in Saskatoon.

What does the future hold for Shiny Penny?
The Shiny Penny Brewery will be a gastronomy brewpub in Saskatoon. There will definitely be an emphasis on craft beer with rotating taps and guest appearances. However we will also do beer cuisine, things like: spent grain bread and wort BBQ sauce, as well as beer pairing dinners and all that fun stuff.

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