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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Year For Selection At C'est What

Great news from the latest C'est What Newsletter:

Best Year Yet For Variety
Long gone are the days that you could age-date someone by what brand of beer they drank.  Anyone old enough to remember the geezers who seemed to be the only people ordering the stubbies of Red Cap?  There are probably still some cougars out there asking for Dry beer and I'm sure there will be a Lime generation as well but more and more people are choosing not to pigeon-hole themselves into a single beer existence.
In the spirit of a different-beer-for-each-occasion, I have tallied up what C'est What has had on offer over the past year.  The totals are astonishing: 25 different bottled beers, 57 cask brews, and 110 draughts and ciders; 192 in total.
We will be open during the G-20 offering 53 selections for that occasion.  It may just be the best choice we have that weekend...
C'est What has long been a true champion of local craft beer and to hear that this has been their best year ever for variety is terrific.  The beer being produced by the breweries in this province is no doubt on the upswing, as more and more are releasing seasonal beers that are being welcomed by drinkers of all sorts, and C'est What has been there from the very start offering them to customers.


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