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Monday, May 17, 2010

Q & A With Jed Corbeil - Session: A Craft Beer Festival

I've received a bunch of emails asking about Session: A Craft Beer Festival (posted below) that is set to take place on June 26th as part of the Ontario Craft Beer Week (OCBW), so I thought I'd get the answers straight from the mouth of Jed Corbeil, one of the organizers of the festival.

How many people you hope to attract? 
We hope to bring 3000 people to the event. We are trying to target true beer lovers by offering an exclusively craft-beer festival that highlights beer-food pairings, beer education, and a great atmosphere.  We are also encouraging restaurant and pub owners to attend to create new relationships with craft brewers and get more Craft Beer into establishments.

What does the cost of admission get you? 
The $35 ticket includes entry into the Pavillion, a limited edition glass Beer-Stein, and the opportunity to taste 25 craft breweries at their finest. We will have many great Ontario craft brewers, and are hoping to have a contingent of east-coast, west-coast, and quebec based brewers as well. 

How much will tokens be and what does one get you? 
Tokens are $1 each for a 4 ounce sample. 

How will Session: A Craft Beer Festival differ from the Toronto Festival of Beer (TFOB)?
The TFOB have done a great job building a festival that showcases beer as a summer beverage of choice. TFOB patrons have access to brands from all over the world. They will put more than 10 times the number of people through their gates in 4 days, as we plan to for our 1-day festival. Where they target the masses, we are looking to target a specific group of beer drinkers. We pride ourselves on a more local focus; our beer vendors are all craft brewers, and mostly come from within Ontario (all from Canada). Our food vendors are Toronto-based, and will be showcasing their products using local supply wherever possible. We feel our event will highlight the more sophisticated flavours of local craft beer in a smaller, more intimate atmosphere. True beer people will be able to see, taste and discuss the benefits of the craft industry while enjoying the company of those who love craft beer.

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