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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cheers to Vrienden - Beau's Welcomes Koningshoeven Brewers

Beau's All Natural Brewing Company was commissioned months ago by the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa to produce a unique beer to mark the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands, and yesterday the beer flowed from the taps to mark the start of the festival of Dutch and Canadian Creative Culture, taking place at the House of Orange.

The beer, a 5.5% Belgian Style Wit produced using ingredients common to both Canada and the Netherlands (juniper berries and organic maple syrup), was given the Dutch name Vrienden, which translated in English means "friends." It was, in part, brewed in collaboration with Lodewijk Swinkels, brewmaster with the world famous De Koningshoeven Brewery.

Swinkels was to come to Beau's brewery to participate in the production of the beer with Beau's brewmaster, Matt O'Hara, but due to the Icelandic ash clouds Swinkels couldn't make the trek.  However, O'Hara kept in touch with Swinkels through phone conversations and email, and the beer was brewed according to the recipe the two brewmasters concocted. 

As mentioned, the Vrienden was officially launched yesterday at the House of Orange (56 Byward Market Square aka Mercury Lounge) were it will be available until May 23rd.  The beer will be making a special appearance tonight at the Dutch Embassy where Princess Margriet of the Netherlands will taste it for the first time, and rumour has it that her husband, Pieter van Vollenhoven, is well versed in 'good beer', so his review will be one worth obtaining.  Tomorrow the beer will be served at the home of the Governor General of Canada.

Video of Vrienden being poured into a Beau's glass yesterday:

Pic* L-R Beau's Steve Beauchesne, Koningshoeven's Lodewijk Swinkels  & Gijs Swinkels, Beau's Tim Beauchesne (pic and video submitted by Darren Stevens of Beau's)


David J Horan said...

Heading there tonight. Although it probably wouldn't be great for the Mercury Lounge / House of Orange, I'm really hoping that there's still plenty left for bottling.

Troy Burtch said...

David - Let us know how it is!

Anonymous said...

I hit it up last night. I reall enjoyed it. A quality wit with a neat herbal quality and just a touch a sweetness in the finish. Ugly as anything though!

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