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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OCB Discovery Pack No. 4

Anyone remember this post? I originally had this (below) up on the blog on January 11th for about a week. It turned out that I had the information a little to early and the Ontario Craft Brewers weren't ready to launch all the PR stuff yet. I removed the post out of courtesy, but today the OCB launched their material, so here is the original post again.

Check out the picture to the right. This is the 4th edition of the Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) Discovery Pack, put together in celebration of the Winter Olympics that are taking place in February.

Just like the first three Discovery Packs, this fourth installment includes six different beers from six different Ontario breweries.

Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (was in Discovery Pack #2)
Flying Monkey's Hoptical Illusion
Old Credit Amber Ale
Cameron's Cream Ale
Mill Street Coffee Porter
Wellington Special Pale Ale (was in Discovery Pack #1)

I'm told that the new six packs will start showing up on LCBO shelves at the beginning of February, just in time for the Olympics (the new Discovery Packs are now starting to appear on store shelves throughout the province at various LCBO stores - LCBO #168351) for $11.95. The design on the box is great, with the red and white with maple leafs scattered throughout the red portion. No word yet if any of the packs will be headed to B.C. for the Ontario camps.

1 comment:

Eric C said...

Cameron's Cream Ale is one of my favourites. Great beer. Same goes for each of the others.. Old Credit Brewery down in Port Credit does a nice Holiday Honey, which I believe is on sale now at the retail store - worth picking up.

Look forward to the Nut Brown! Feels good to support some quality, Ontario craft brewing.


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