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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Imperial Stout from Ontario & An Oatmeal Stout From Alberta

Work has been very hectic the past couple of weeks (real job) and I'm looking into the barrel of what is the TAPS writing deadline, so this is a "I'm real busy and have no time to write anything new post." (And in my effort to try putting a post up everyday, this will have to due)

The following tasting notes appeared in the Winter '09 issue of TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine.

Russian Gun Imperial Stout - Grand River Brewing Company, Cambridge, ON 9% abv
Grand River won a gold medal for this 9% Imperial Stout at this years Canadian Brewing Awards, and I can see why. The almost black stout is lighter in colour than other Imperial RIS I’ve come across, but it is ever aromatic. Molasses, figs, refined alcohol, woodiness (vanilla), burnt coffee, caramel and some black cherry notes all shine through on the nose. Much the same on the palate, this RIS is very well balanced and ends nicely with a nice soft, smooth finish. Grand River does a nice job concealing its strength and too many of these in a row will have you reading the R on the label the ‘right way.’

Alberta Crude Oatmeal Stout - Wild Rose,Calgary, BC 5.2% abv
Alberta is known for their oil fields and Calgary’s Wild Rose Brewery has cleverly selected a terrific name for this black as midnight oatmeal stout that was hand-bottled for this tasting panel. The pour produces liquid tar that no light can penetrate with the scent of coffee, chocolate, and sweet black licorice wafting upwards from the tasting glass due to the roasted dark malt. The body is smooth and a little lighter than expected, given its low carbonation, but there is a fair bit of bitterness to play alongside the heavily roasted malt and coffee notes. I’m thinking this would be nice with a dozen oysters.


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