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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheers to Jon Montgomery!!

We lost to the US last night. It's not the end of the world, but it sure felt that way when Ryan Kesler scored one of the prettiest open net goals I've ever seen.

I was drinking bottles of Garrison's award winning Imperial IPA for good luck, but even that didn't help... and it also didn't help ease the pain of watching our guys fall to the American squad. Tuesday night vs. the Germans it is then.

But the Olympic games have more than just hockey (I know, shocking isn't it). Like the Skeleton. Manitoba's Jon Montgomery won a gold medal the other night and celebrated in true Canadian style - with a pitcher of beer.

I was one of the estimated 4.6 million viewers who tuned in to see his gold medal performance, and his walk through Whistler's pedestrian-only town plaza, which was awesome (even if the beer itself was Molson Canadian - I'm speculating). And shockingly the local police didn't issue him a ticket for having an open container of alcohol in public, especially since they've been trying to curb alcohol issues with closing liquor stores earlier.

So today, when our nation needs a pick-me up from last nights US robbery (thanks Ryan Miller), here is a picture of Montgomery with another beer in his hand before a large crowd. Reading through some online content it seems Montgomery is the number one Canadian athlete that most Canadians would love to sit down and have a beer with.

I haven't been able to find a picture of his actual walk through Whistler, and I'm guessing I won't. It seems the mainstream media hasn't run with the photo.


Stephen Beaumont said...

I was looking for a pic or video of Montgomery's walk through Whistler too, Troy, but like you, I couldn't find it. I disagree with your guess of what beer was in his pitcher, though, since the video I saw on the tube showed a beer significantly more deep gold in hue than is Canadian. Okanagan Pale, perhaps?

Troy Burtch said...

Stephen - Okanagan Pale it could be. My assumption that it was Canadian is based on some friends that are there right now who have said Molson is everywhere in Whistler. It was awesome to watch beer brand aside.

Stephen Beaumont said...

True, Canadian is everywhere because Molson Coors is a lead sponsor of the Olympics, but this particular pitcher was handed to Montgomery by a fan, so it could have contained anything.

Alan said...

Huffington Post has the photos and video:

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