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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Toronto Pub to Offer Real Ale

Another popular Toronto drinking establishment will start offering their customers the opportunity to choose between draught and cask as Bryden's Pub, located on Bloor St. West and Jane St., just minutes from the subway station, have recently announced they plan on having their first cask available on Thursday.

I visited the craft beer friendly pub back in the summer and had a blast drinking numerous pints of Ontario produced craft beer on their patio with Tash, Bryden's owner. He mentioned back then that he had an interest in adding the cask element to his new craft beer line-up (Tash slowly weened his customers off beers like Hoegaarden, Becks, Stella, etc. for beers like Duggan's IPA, Great Lakes Devil's Pale Ale, Denison's Weissbier, and more) and Thursday he plans to have County Durham's Hop Head available for the first time.

I've since come to know Tash, after that initial visit, and I can say without a doubt that he is very excited about this new attraction. In an email he shared with me yesterday he stated that the plan is to tap a new cask every Thursday evening (starting this Thursday with the Hop Head) and then he'll look into putting on some of the creations the Great Lakes Brewery has been working on. "We are pretty excited for the cask, as the conversion to more local options has gone well," Tash also mentioned.

Bryden's will now be the furthest pub west of Yonge street (in the GTA) to be offering cask.

And if I can offer you a glimpse of what type of publican Tash is, here is a quote I captured from him last year:

"I don't want to be sold by someone, I want to sell someone. I want to believe in a product and sell it. Not be sold by a flashy marketing campaign. I love these beers and I love what they stand for, so they're here to stay."


Troy Burtch said...

Thanks for catching the typo's Rob. Put this together late last night.

Rob said...

I just assumed you were drunk.

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