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Monday, January 25, 2010

Two New Ontario Based Beer Blogs

Back in October of 2007 Greg Clow (beer,beats,bites) put togehter a post about me starting up my blog. I was thankful for the exposure he gave me and I remember it gave me some extra encouragement to continue what I set out to do - write about everything beer touches.

Clow mentioned in that post that he wrote another piece in 2006 wondering where all the other Canadian beer bloggers were, other than himself and Alan at a Good Beer Blog. Fast forward to today and there are a number of beer bloggers from all parts of Canada getting into the game, even brewers have taken up the fun with various brewmaster blogs popping up.

Which brings me to two new blogs that started this month, both based here in Toronto: Andrew Bartle's Hops, Sticks and Junk blog and Chris Schryer's Toronto Beer blog. I know both guys personally so it's good to see them getting involved.

Bartle has only posted a handful of times; a couple of beer reviews and a review of Volo's Biere et Compagnie that took place yesterday. It's good stuff and I hope he continues.

Schryer is the manager at Castro's Lounge in the Beaches and a self-confessed beer geek. He started his blog on January 11th and has posted eleven time to date. The blog will focus on the Toronto beer culture with reviews of places, beer, and events.

Welcome gentleman and happy blogging.

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