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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Picaroons Pub

Picaroons Brewing Company (see ad to the left) in Frederiction, New Brunswick have a pretty cool new social website that they've cleverly called "Picaroons Pub".

The site appears to have gone live last spring with the intention of bringing fans together to talk beer - This network was developed by Picaroons Brewing Company to talk about beer, make some new friends and have a few laughs!

As I said, the website is pretty cool. There is an online discussion forum, blog postings, event listings, videos, photo galleries, and more. They also let their members contribute by giving them the opportunity to create their own blog posts, add events, and submit their own photos and videos. It's a great way to connect with their fans, while getting some good feedback about their products and new initiatives, such as updating people about their Melonhead beer or giving a sneak peek at the new labels for their new beer - Feel Good Pilsner.

I've always felt that Canadian breweries could do more to increase their online presence whether it be creating and maintaining a free Facebook page (Beau's All Natural Brewery in Vanleek Hill, ON have done a great job with this), getting on the Twitter bandwagon (Wild Rose Brewery in AB and Steam Whistle in ON are both very active with their accounts), or updating their website with greater frequency, it's a great way to do what Picaroons are doing with their site - bringing together fans of the brewery and keeping them up to date with stuff that interests them.

Head over to Picaroons Pub and become a member today.

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