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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Brewery to Open in Edmonton

Earlier today Edmonton Journal Beer Blogger (On Tap), Mark Suits, reported the news of a new brewery that has begun operations in Edmonton with plans to have their beer available by the spring - The Kohler Brewing Company Inc.

From Suits post, The Kohler Brewing Company Inc. sent out a news release announcing its first brew, Kohler lager, should be hitting the shelves this spring. Drinkers will also be able to choose the final recipe at special tastings this Saturday.

The press release mentions that the people behind the brewery searched all over North America looking for the perfect brewmaster and they found him in Eric Buehner, a brewer from the US.

"Our challenge to the brewmaster was to develop a well balanced, PURE, Canadian beer that exceeds the strict criteria of the Reinheitsgebot," stated Todd Gajek, who was hired to head the project of putting the brewery together. (Suits mentions in his post the Gajek had strong connections to the Maverick Brewery that went out of business in 2007)

Buehner brewed up some batches and this Saturday (the 9th) the brewery will be holding public tastings at three Edmonton establishments to get their input into which of the three lagers is best, which will help determine which one to retail.

A new brewery, a craft brewery, and the first beer they come out with is another lager? I asked myself the same question when Moosehead entered the craft beer market with their Hop City Barking Squirrel Lager but after tasting it, and finding it quite enjoyable, I'll wait to pass judgement until trying the new beer.

The Kohler Brewing Company
11263 - 180th Street
Edmonton, AB. CANADA T5S 0B4

1 comment:

mark said...

I was thinking the same thing at first, "another new brewery comes out with a lager," but that Maverick Lager was excellent, so I'm optimistic.

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