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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Night Cask Night at Mill Street - Starting Feb. 5th

*Please note this starts next Friday*

So I was in attendance at last night's Mill Street Brewmaster's Robbie Burns Dinner down in the Distillery District, and Joel Manning, Mill Street's Brewmaster, let me know that starting next Friday (Feb. 5th) Mill Street will introduce a new weekly initiative down at the brewpub.

"Every Friday we will showcase a brand new beer on cask, something that we've played around with, had fun with," Manning said. "Each beer will be different. Dry hopping here, extra malt there, different ingredients, unique ingredients - we will have fun with this and the beer will be great."

The first cask conditioned offering will be an extra dry hopped Scotch Ale, something that Manning is already excited about. "We will have the beer served via gravity, on the bar, and once the beer is gone - it's gone. I can't wait to start whipping up these beers," he said.

Manning informed the 70+ people in attendance of the new Friday Night Cask Night (I don't know if that is going to be the actual name, I just made it up) plan and stated that there will be cask versions of Tankhouse, Coffee Porter, and many others, including special one-offs (I'm hoping to see a dry hopped Betelgeuse). Manning also mentioned that somes casks will be brewed using whole hops as he just received some English and American varieties.

No word on what time the cask will be tapped, but like I mentioned, the first one will be on Feb. 5th.

In other Mill Street news, Manning let me have a taste of the new Imperial Chocolate Stout straight from the tank that he's currently working on and he hopes to release it for Valentine's Day. The beer is projected to hit between 7.5 - 8% (not 10.5% as I had mentioned earlier today) with big chocolate notes with a nice thick body. The sample I had was a little young and needed some more chocolate, which Manning said would eventually be added, but I could already tell it will be a beauty.


Rob said...

Two pieces of cool news! Looking forward to attending a cask Friday sometime soon!

Grimes said...

For a while I felt that mill street focuses too much on their brand and not as much on their craft beer roots (for lack of a better term), but from their new and exciting releases in the second half of 2009 and now this cask series I am happy to be converted back

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