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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bar Changes

My buddy Cass Enright, the founder of Bar, a leader in online Ontario beer news, has recently been toying around with his site and has made some changes for the better, adding a new Canadian forum to the discussion board.

These changes, along with a new publishing format for Bar Towel's homepage news site, are signs of the new direction Enright wants to take his ten year old site on. People have been reading Bar Towel for years, getting up to the minute news on the Toronto, and now more than ever the Ontario beer scene. However, Enright feels that Bar Towel is now in a position to also serve as a resource for all of Canada, posting press releases on beer launches in British Columbia to discussing items relating to breweries in Nova Scotia; making Bar Towel a one stop shop (just don't forget this little old site).

BeerAdvocate (an American site) has a Canadian group in their forum that gets some good traffic and it would be nice to see those posters come to Bar Towel and join in there.

Along with the new layout Enright will be welcoming some new writers to the site to generate more discussion, post beer reviews, and update the news section with information as they receive it.

So head over there now and start a topic on the Canadian forum - get involved in the daily LCBO chatter that takes place or post a review of a beer you just drank from Quebec.

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