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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nick Pashley Book Signing

On Tuesday night the Granite Brewery, with the help of HarperCollins, hosted a celebratory party for the launch of Nick Pashley's newest book Cheers! An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada. The event kicked off at 6:30pm and before long there was a long line-up of people eager to buy Pashley's book, and to have him sign something clever on the inside cover.

There were upwards of 60 people in attendance, many recognizable from the beer crowds at events and festivals. After selling numerous boxes of books (including copies of his terrific recently revised Notes on a Beermat), signing each copy, and posing for pictures, Pashley headed to the podium to deliver a speech about the making of the book. I knew that there would be some humour worked into his address to the crowd and to everyone's benefit, he didn't disappoint.

"I was lurking in the bookstore watching my book to see if anyone would pick it up. Eventually two young men came along, flipped through it and said, 'Cover is great, book is crap.' If only the damn thing was shrink wrapped."

Pashley also discussed why he wrote this book on beer in Canada as he often gets asked this question during interviews. "I choose to write a book about the history of beer in Canada because I like beer and you should always pick a subject you know best," he stated. "I had a great time writing it. I'd get up in the morning and do my research until the pubs opened in the afternoon; the book literally wrote itself."

I haven't read through the entire book just yet, but so far so good. I can say that it has been a page turner since I picked it up and right now I'm catching up on the Prohibition era of the Canadian brewing history. W.C. Findlay eh?

Go buy the book here.

For those of you who missed the event, take note that Bar Volo will be hosting an event this Sunday - IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!: An Afternoon with Nick Pashley that will kick off at 12:00 and running till 10pm.

From Volo - Join Bar Volo this Sunday, November 29th between 12:00-10:00pm to Promote Nick Pashley's new book Cheers! An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada. Nick will be speaking about his book at 2:30pm. Nick is a great lover of craft beer and we encourage everyone to come out and listen to his fine words. Following the Canadian Beer theme, Volo will be launching several new bottle beers from across Canada that will be available from; Phillips, Alley Kat, Driftwood, Charlevoix, Trois Mousquetaires and Dieu Du Ciel! We will be extending our hours on Sunday for the Grey Cup which will be on t.v at the bar. Also the following beers will be available on Tap and Cask.


Beau’s/Beershack Tommy Gun Pale Ale
Black Oak Oaktoberfest
Church Key Red Ale
Denison’s Weissbier
Duggan’s Festbier
F&M Stonehammer Oatmeal Coffee Stout
Flying Monkey Netherworld Porter
Great Lakes Winter Ale
Mill St. Roggenbier
Niagara’s Best Spiced Apple Cider
Railway City Pullman Porter

Durham Hophead IPA
Black Oak Anniversary Ale: Ten Bitter Years

**Beers are subject to change.

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