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Monday, November 9, 2009

Muskoka Hefe and Granville IPA Tasting Notes

This is a "I'm real busy and have no time to write anything new post." The following tasting notes appeared in the Spring issue of TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine.

Muskoka Hefe-Weissbier by Muskoka Cottage Brewery, Bracebridge, ON 5% abv
Recently released in a 473ml can format, the LOM Hefe pours a lightly clouded off-yellow with a rich yeasty-frothy white crown that dies off quickly. All banana on the nose with some typical but mild Hefe bubblegum and light clove notes. Zest of a lemon rind team up with soft spice and banana in the mouth, and ends in a crisp finish in thanks to the wheat body. This ‘cottage’ beer compliments the German style wonderfully, offering Ontario residents a pleasantly refreshing summer classic that would work well on the dinner table with the catch of the day.

Brockton IPA by Granville Island Brewery, Vancouver, BC 6% abv
To celebrate 25 years of brewing, Granville Island released this new 6% abv IPA and named it after the Brockton Oval in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. It pours a clear amber-orange with a strong white head that decides to stick around a bit before fading away into oblivion. A whirl of the glass provides an inviting hop aroma of freshly picked flowers and a zesty citrusy spice that mingle with a bit of sweet caramelly malt. A crisp bitterness leads the charge in the first sip then the toasted malt flavour, combined with a citric punch, balances everything out nicely ending with a dry, yet refreshing finish. More along the lines of a well crafted English style IPA than the Pacific Northwest style indicated on the bottled.

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