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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Duggan's Brewery Inching Closer to Opening

Mike Duggan is having a lot of fun these days. He's busy brewing beer; both at Cool Brewery, where he serves as brewmaster, and at his new tied-house on Victoria Street, Duggan's Brewery.

Last night I stopped by to have a look around, and to see if I could get him to spill the beans on an opening date.

I was showed around by another Mike, the front of the house manager who is looking after all of the restaurant aspects of Duggan's. He took me through the two-storey brewhouse, through the basement, around the upper level (street level) seating area's, and showed me the back private/special event area) and patio.

The place is huge. And it will be a great place for beer drinkers living, and/or visiting Toronto. Duggan, who comes out of the back during my tour states that he'll have eight beers on tap at any given time and rotating beers throughout the seasons. "We'll have the No.#9 IPA, a Stout, Porter, ESB, Pilsner (German style), Festbier, Weissbier, and a Stock Ale on tap and will work in other beers throughout the months," he said while I was having a fresh pint of the IPA.

Duggan, who needs no introduction, also stated that he is currently working on a Tripel and has a number of fruit beer recipes that he wants to execute in the not to distant future.

During the tour I'm showed the Beer Hall. This is a section of the tied-house that I see myself drinking in. Mike (not Duggan) tells me that they'll have high bar tables and chairs in this room and will be more 'pubby' than the other side of the restaurant, which will be more bistro like. There will also be a retail store on this side that will offer customers the opportunity to purchase Duggan's beers in growlers and bottles. "Clothing will also be available for purchase," stated Duggan.

So, the big question has yet to be answered: When will Duggan's be open? It's a good question. I had previously posted that the doors would open at the end of September, but plans changed slightly and it has taken a bit longer to get certain licences and such. The only hint of an opening date that Duggan would commit to, "We'll open on a Monday." Which led me to my next question. "Which Monday?" "A Monday, that's all I'm saying," he said with a big grin. Things do appear to be coming along quite nicely though.

Duggan's Brewery, opening on a Monday, soon.


Anonymous said...

Any mention of what the menu will be?

Troy Burtch said...

Menu - fresh oysters, a lot of beer infused recipes with a big focus on local produce.

Xander said...

I really look forward to trying the N. 9, and the tripel is intriguing as well. I hope his place has food for vegetarians, sometimes brewpubs lack that

Dan Dickinson said...


If you need one to tide you over until DUggan's opens, C'est What has the No. 9 on tap right now.

Troy Burtch said...

Dan, you beat me to it. Xander, No.9 can be found at various bars/pubs in the Toronto area and you can get some in bottles out at the Cool brewery in Etobicoke.


Teena in Toronto said...

Looking forward to it!

Grimes said...

working across the street from the soon to be open pub this is good news indeed!
I have yet to try any other than the #9 but I am more than keen. Hello growlers!

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