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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unibroue and a Wedding

After ten years of dating, I finally tied the knot with my longtime girlfriend this past weekend, and we celebrated in style.

We decided months ago that a location in Newmarket would work out best for our respective families and we settled on the beautiful Silver Lakes Golf and Country Club in the North end of the city.

The first time we checked the site out I noticed the draught lines - Coors Light, Heineken, Rickard's Red, and Canadian, so you can imagine what my next thought was: What can we do to switch this up for the big day?

Luckily the Silver Lakes wedding facilitator listened to my idea of bringing in some craft beer from some small breweries she'd never heard of and surprisingly the golf course was very receptive and genuinely interested.

The next step was putting together a beer list that would please everyone invited to the wedding. I knew Mill Street's Organic would be a great choice for the Orillia group, so it made the list. Great Lakes just released their fall seasonal, Pumpkin Ale, and being that it was a fall wedding it made sense to offer that. Cameron's Auburn Ale was picked to give the more seasoned craft beer drinkers a bit of hop bite while not scaring off people interested in trying something new. And finally, I chose the Hefe-Weissbier from the Muskoka Cottage Brewery as a nice thirst quencher. With that on draught I felt that everyone would be happy throughout the night. The whole keg of Organic (50l) lasted all of 1 hour.

There was one more thing to work on though. Beer for the tables during dinner. I don't drink wine to often, I can appreciate it, but I can't drink much of it. I wanted to be able to put some beer on the table during dinner service while the bar was closed and I looked to Sleeman for the answer - Unibroue. I managed to grab 50 bottles of Maudite and La Fin Du Monde (25 each) and the golf course had no issue with us bringing them in with the proper paperwork. Each table was provided with one bottle each of the Unibroue beer and the Maudite went beautifully with the Angus beef that was served.

The rest of the wedding went off without a hitch and everyone had a good time, which I'm sure the beer played a significant role with. Thank you to all the breweries for helping make our day great!

*Photo taken by Scott Turnbull of Turnbull Photography, who was excellent throughout the day*

Turnbull Photography
Box 99, Windermere, ON
P0B 1P0 ~ 705.769.1726


Lager Bore said...

Congrats on the special day! I'm so very happy everything went so well. Great beer selection, naturally!

sstackho said...

Many congrats, Troy!

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