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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Get These Men A Beer

There are a couple of very respected publicans celebrating birthdays this weekend - Bar Volo's Ralph Morana and Adam Grant from The Monk's Table.

Last night, folks in attendance for session 1 of the start of Cask Days, happily sung Happy Birthday to Morana to help kick start his hectic weekend. Morana has been running Volo for over 20 years now and the bar has since become a mecca for beer lovers, attracting visitors from all over the world for their bottled beer selection, rotating draught menu, and for the numerous events that are held throughout the year. Morana can usually be found at the bar, chatting with regulars about the industry while making sure everybody is having a good time.

And also celebrating a birthday this weekend is The Monk's Table owner, Adam Grant, who's establishment is just a bit north of Volo. Grant recently ditched the former name of the bar (The Abbot on the Hill) in favour of the Monk's Table, a name that was submitted by a customer during a challenge organized by Grant when he and his partner took over sole-ownership of the restaurant. The bar is well known for their delicious food, terrific import draught menu, and their knack for hosting beer launches. Grant seems to always be around, greeting people at the door and is quick to chat about his passion for good beer.

Usually these two men are the ones pouring and/or serving us our drinks, so this weekend is your turn to say thanks by offering birthday wishes, and maybe even grabbing them a pint at the bar.

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