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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Local Pub Crawl: September 16 - 22

Today marks the first edition of a new segment I'm calling the Local Pub Crawl. Every Wednesday I'll be posting a round-up of of local pub updates relating to new beers being tapped, events/festivals, tastings taking place, or new initiatives that readers might find interesting. All the information is straight from the pubs themselves.

The King Edward: The Ilderton, ON pub has Headstrong Pale Ale on the handpump right now, which will be followed by Wellington SPA. Whenever The King Edward has the SPA on the handpump, they run a cask/keg/bottle tasting where individuals can get a 12oz of cask SPA, 12oz of keg SPA and a bottle of SPA to do a side-by-side-by-side comparison of the same beer. Their guest keg right now belongs to Grand River Bummbleberry Wheat.

Feathers Pub: Since taking over the 27 year old establishment, publican Reid Pickering has introduced some new beers to the draught line-up at that include: Denison's Weissbier, Black Oak Pale Ale, Waupoos County Cider, Killkenny and Harp.

Feathers is also hosting their "Season Opener Whisky Challenge" next Monday September 21st at 7pm, $70.00.

Fynn's of Temple - September 24th: Guinness 250th party (5pm-8pm) sampling, giveaways, etc

Granite Brewery: On September 19th, the Granite is hosting the CASK! group and their first ever Social event. Come out between 3-6pm for some pints of cask conditioned ale.

Bryden’s: Tash, the owner of this wonderful little pub at Bloor and Jane, has recently transformed the draught menu to include a number of great Ontario craft beer and has initiated a weekly rotating line-up. This week you can find Headstrong Pale Ale, County Durham Hop Addict, and Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale all on tap in addition to the other number of craft beer available.

Bar Volo: Volo has just released a number of events that are taking place at their Yonge and Dundonald location. Click here for the entire list.

C'est What: Mark October 2nd on your caledars as C'est What will be hosting their 21st annual Fall Festival of Craft Brewers. No admission, samples as low as $1 - Doors open at 5pm and event runs until 10pm.

Ceili Cottage: Sunday September 20 - Leslieville's newest local has a big day of celebrations planned for Guinness' 250th anniversary (although the big day is actually the 24th, owner Patrick McMurray will be in a plane on his way to Ireland - so he throwing an early party). From 12pm-12am, The Ceili Cottage will have:
  • Traditional Irish Sessions by Ena O'Brien and friends
  • Irish Dance showcase by The Gilchrist-Canavan School of Irish Dance
  • Oyster Eating contest featuring Linda Li - the 2009 Canadian, and 2nd in the World Champion Oyster eater!!!
  • $5 pints Guinness and Harp
  • $15 for 12 Malpeque oysters, $35 Lobster Supper, Cookin' with Guinness Chef's specials as well!

Highway 61: The Southern BBQ joint has a number of things going on;

  • Monday Night, $3.50 Pints/$10 Pitchers of one of our featured OCB draughts, featuring a live performance from The Stevie Gee, Bee's.
  • Tuesday Night, A bucket of 4 Red Baron for $10, as well as Brian Blains Tuesday Night Blues Campfire.
  • Wednesday Night is $4 bar rail drinks and our very special guest performer, Gabe Salem
  • Friday Nights we feature Dylan Wickens and Cassius Perreira, a dynamic blues duo with youthful sound.

*Stay tuned for a review of Highway 61 in the next couple of days, as I made my way there last Sunday for some pints and ribs.

If you are a pub owner/operator of a local establishment, or a manager of such a location, and you'd be interested in submitting information about your place, please feel free to contact me at


malcolm said...

Nice Troy. Easy to find out what's going on.

Lager Bore said...

Great idea, Troy. BTW I was at Feathers last night for dinner. They've tweaked the menu a bit and the meat pie with Wellington was really good. My buddy had one of the daily specials and liked it.
All the taps I tried tasted clean and fresh. Hadn't had Okanagan Lager before. A bit like a Dortmunder. The Black Oak was really carbonated and very very cold--weird. Denison's was beautiful.
Good local choices on Reid's part, plus they've kept the good imports: Fuller's, Marston's.
The Wellington on cask though was sadly in bad, bad shape. The waitress actually offered a sample glass so I avoided any unpleasantness. Reid says they're looking into one of those doohickeys that CAMRA frowns upon to keep the casks fresher longer.
All in all things are looking up: keep what works, tweak what doesn't (some beers, some menu items).

Troy Burtch said...

Roger - I'm gonna be hitting up Feathers very shortly to chat with Reid about his future plans there.

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