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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cameron's Brewing - The Power of 9

The following is a condensed press release issued by the folks at Oakville's Cameron's Brewing Co.

Oakville, ON - Cameron’s Brewing Company is the only brewery in Canada to offer their beer in a 9 pack. The distinct nine-bottle cube is a favorite among craft beer drinkers because “six is never enough”. To celebrate the coinciding day in the calendar -9/9/09 - Cameron’s Brewing Company will be offering a one-day only sale out of their Oakville on-site retail store. Everything in the store from t-shirts to hats to beer will be priced at $9.99. The celebration is the Power of 9.

“It is a unique date in the calendar for us – all things 9,” said Jason Ellsmere of Cameron’s Brewing Company. “We decided to open our doors and offer everything for $9.99. With this being a brewery only promotion, we hope to see a lot of new faces from our community.”

Cameron’s sells their beer through the LCBO and Beer Store, but this Power of 9 promotion is only available directly at the brewery. The on-site retail store will be open from 9am – 9pm on Wednesday September 9th. The renowned 9 pack which normally sells for a premium price will be offered as a four brand mix pack for $9.99 (plus taxes and deposits) for one day only. Cameron’s emphasizes buying local premium products. Their North American made American Apparel Cameron’s T’s which normally retail for $25 will also be $9.99 (plus taxes and deposits).

The brewery is located at 1165 Invicta Drive – off of the North Service Road between 8th and 9th Lines. For more information on Cameron’s Brewing, visit their website or call the brewery 905.849.8282.

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vistaway said...

Very cool idea. I will be there for sure. Shame we couldn't get a special beer like Stone's 09-09-09 Vertical Epic Ale to celebrate as well (

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